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Baby care tips at SOTЙ

Baby care tips at SOTЙ

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Pregnant and newborn babies will benefit from baby care at the October Semmelweis Health Day.

Semmelweis University's free, interactive, health program series lasting ten months, will help babysitters start baby care during the Semmelweis Health Days, starting in October or prospective parents.Baby Care Tips on SOTЙ (photo: iStock) Participants on so-called demonstration dolls can learn how to properly grasp and lift a baby, but it will be possible to practice diaper, bath, weight, .The workshop will be szу patikбkban kaphatу lбzmйrхkrхl йs their correct hasznбlatбrуl, accidents kivйdйsйrхl, йs segнtenek pбroknak those who mйg the csalбdalapнtбs elхtt бllnak, but the szeretnйnek tervezйs idхszakбrуl tцbbet megtudni.Szйl Dбvid, the Faculty of Applied Egйszsйgtudomбnyi Pszicholуgia Tanszйkйnek tanбrsegйdje , the author of the Apapara book and blog deals with 21st century questions of fatherhood. The place of the fathers in the family system is interactive. The 4th of October lхdхk. The attendance free, but by signing up.Idхpont: October 4th from 3pm to 8pm
Location: Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences (1088 Budapest, Vas u. 17.) Detailed programs and registration at by clicking on the Semmelweis Health Days program. Provide information and help from a trusted source for health-related, family-related queries.
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