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Accident-free taxiing!

Accident-free taxiing!

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Between different terrain, and other children and pedestrians, or maybe just in the room, slalom between the furniture? Baby strollers are truly versatile movement enhancers, and there are many situations that can be thrilled amongst exciting games.

Before you buy your baby's first toy, check out the store and the playground. Almost every child rolls over a few favorably because of the abundant demand - they are the most successful in use. Let's try out the little ones for you so you can see which one is best for you. It is important to be able to handle it alone, to be able to jump on it easily, to move it lightly, and to enjoy it at an enjoyable speed. The simplest plastic small engine provides all this: small weight, low enough, light enough to carry the foot, three wheel well, not overturned, no pedal.

Photo: Rbtka Йva

As soon as you get into the small, surprisingly high speed with your jockey, you can run afterwards. Run as you approach the edge of the yard! Take a look around and go across the road. Always tell him that motorists, motorists, follow the rules of the road, so he must stop at the corner - of course, you have to pay attention to this.
While you are on the street with the small motor, you can ensure that you do not get lost on your biker, especially if you are following a stroller, with a wrapped cable. The sloping terrain is also dangerous: let it only roll off the grass, on the grass and only on the short slopes! Since you can't stop a significantly accelerated jet at the end of a slope with your feet, you need a long run - and this is just the fun.
Small motorbike is also an ideal sporting opportunity for you! If you run down the slope with your child, the faster you climb the slope, you will get better cardiovascular training in the fresh air than if you train yourself on cardiovascular equipment.

Big Shoe, $ 1,890

It does not hinder movement, but protects the toe of the shoes or the toes of the sandals with this lightweight, elastic, lace-up plastic boot. It is a practical solution for all feet and swings.