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How to anesthetize a child on a mink?

How to anesthetize a child on a mink?

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Crude, threatening, crackling. Is this the order before bedtime? If so, read on, maybe we can give you some good ideas to make it easier to get to bed!

Even in the dark, many factors play a role in the evening whether the child is happy to go to sleep or whether she should be begged to go to bed. And the summer season is much more difficult. It darkens later, even at night, and many adventures await their vacuous cucumbers. What can we do to make it easier for you to get married?

The evening routine is important

The anesthesia of a baby is not as easy as a child, and with it the will, is the harder thing to do if you want to get pregnant in the evening. The most important step is to avoid drafts so that you can create an even daily routinewe get used to the child. Dinner, bathing, reading a fairy tale, no matter the order, the child knows that the last step in a routine is to evening kiss get it. Of course, don't expect to go to bed if you go to bed for a fun family fun program with a pajamas, a tickle or a long cartoon. These make the child stand out more and produce the opposite effect than what we want. Rather try to be calm and comfortable at bedtime.If your child is tired, you will be attracted to the despised, especially if you do not have an unpleasant obligation. It may also be possible for a dad to sleep to sleep.

Why don't you want it?

There are many reasons why your child doesn't want to sleep, why he fights against laying down. You may be struggling with separation fears and not wanting to break away from your parents. One of the scenes in the evening, told in the evening's tale, can also cause anxiety. Of course, most of the time, the child wants to haggle and stay alive and share the special little awakening of adults. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to be patient with the solution. Loud debate, shouting, threatening is just oil on fire. Let's try to explain more patiently why it is important to go to sleep. We can tell her what happened every day, what will happen the next day, and why she needs to rest.

How to anesthetize a child on a mink?

Summer sleep

If you stick to your usual laying time in the summer, make sure your children's room is properly darkened. Install a roller shutter on the window or get a good dark curtain! The shutters and the curtains also have a double role, because if we keep the nursery in the sunshine, it will not be so warm inside. THE we can fight against heat with ventilation We also do not recommend climate control, as the little ones are much more sensitive to us, so they can easily get cold or have an eyesore due to a poorly adjusted climate. Avoid heavy, spicy, sugary food on your dinner table, as it can overload your small stomach. Instead, eat light foods that are easier to digest. Avoid lots of fruits and greenery on the table. And the big secret is that if the child moves around a lot during the day, there will be no need to beg him or her in the evening.
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