How did I have a child?

How did I have a child?

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Everything inside and out was in place - this is how to summarize Edinbeck's success story. They were not found in infertility clinics, but in an up-to-date version of an ancient medicine and an increasingly fashionable method of psychotherapy.


Edina Szirбki (36) is a physiotherapist
Favorite Spice: basil
Hobbies: other cultures, tastes, colors; movement, everything that is water
Fйrje: dr. Csaba Postásy (57) is an atomic physicist and business manager
Favorite film: Ponyvaregйny
Hobbies: н, chess, ъ б
Kisfiъk: Marcell Postboy (3 months old) - After seven years, in 2005, we came up with the idea of ​​"when the baby comes, let's love it", we have not fought since. But it didn't come. We got married in May 2007 and started to really worry that we might not have a common child. (My couple already have a 17-year-old grandfather, Gerg, who lives with us.) What, surprisingly, led to the baby? From here, the relation is clear: I had to lift up my physical and mental barriers in order to give life.
I've been seeing my patients for years, what manual therapy is capable of, living body sculpture - as my doctor calls it. I've read before, heard about studies that have proven to help you conceive, so I decided to try it. I went and experienced the "I have 100s right there" feeling. It was an incredible opportunity to train this new physique as well. My stomach, the axis of my toes, and my toes were also broken. And a few weeks later, my muscles were "on," while my ghettos worked better, and all of the targeted gymnastics became more effective. Until then, I thought, except for mild scoliosis, I was basically well put together. Of course, I had big heavy rains, a junk age crash, a downfall, and a bit of a thud in my throat; but I didn't think I could change that much.
- How did you come to the realization that you could not only be physically dams?
- In August 2009, I came across an "accidental" pursuit of the first disappointment of Hellinger's life. I was intrigued to watch the very strange scenes in my head for a while, but it was clear to me that this was nothing more than a kind of psychic manual therapy. I knew it would be a sequel. In October, and then in November, I experienced, in my own dismay, that because of the effect of certain family ties, I wanted to save others rather than my own life. As a result, changes were made in me, which I was not aware of at that time. It was finally up to me to start my own journey - it was a weird sensation. Then a very interesting, energetic period began in my life.
- When did you realize that you were babies?
- In March last year there was no regular bleeding. For some time, of course, I was expecting that in many ways during this difficult period, we were thinking of everything, but not exactly that, and then the tests did not unequivocally show two failures. Finally, it was revealed that a new life had moved into my tummy. Just as I was expecting the result, I was almost certain that the test would be positive - maybe hard to believe, but I felt it at dawn when my baby's heart beating. It was an indescribable moment, unbelievable seconds. I felt and knew at the same time that a little life had really begun, which completely changed the part of my eyes - but, at the time of the ultrasound examination, I could barely fill the inspiring little Babe Eye. And, of course, I didn't expect to jump into my couple's office on the way home to show the recording. All our hardships so far have been forgotten as soon as we are sure of the miracle!
- Then things got faster.
- As you say. Perhaps I was so active during the trial because I wanted to prove it. But, of course, this period has passed, all my finds have been good, except for my initial state of mind, I have not been sick or sick, at least sometimes my feet are swollen. I worked all week until week 35, running around, then planning a rest, a rest. Not only was the conception surprising, but the onset of childbirth was completely unexpected. On October 27, I kept the last watch at the school, and of course I received the patients in the private office until night. At eleven, I felt weird already, and finally at dawn, sometimes I got in a taxi, and after an hour I found myself on the bed, my doctor and I got lucky - this morning Marcell. True, a week earlier, but she was born with a 9/10 Apgar, 2650 grams, she was such a cute little Bogyу. However, she did not grow well afterwards and recently discovered that a viral infection may have caused her to give birth prematurely. The closest thing I do is to pack it in time, as it seems true: the baby can come any time in the last few weeks!
- Have you ever had a childbirth since you were in manual therapy?

- Yeah, I've been looking forward to it. Although it was a light birth, much else had changed - and babysitting really caused me some back and forth. For the most part, the worry is that my neck is sore, as if I had "fallen asleep." Incredible, but a treatment was enough to fix it, my posture got much better! With a few simple exercises, stretching, and of course, the right breastfeeding situations, it is still no problem, and babies are more active every day.
September 2009: Maniotherapy, which included replacing bones, businesses, and then passive muscles with poorly maintained posture, Edina improved her pelvic floor and blood flow, assured her.
October-November 2009: Two Deceptions helped to become more spiritually inclusive and free.
What is Manual Therapy?
Conventionally, a system of hand-healing interventions and special traps, which for many centuries was a part of Neapolitan medicine, osteoporosis. Today, of course, it is much more than osteoporosis: a scientifically based, manual diagnostic and treatment method that can only be performed by a properly trained specialist, in our country, a physician or physiotherapist.
Disability lifestyle, poor posture, a lot of weight loss, improper strain on the bone system, various types of injuries, "rusty", painful movement, and diseased organs.
Manual therapy helps babies in their quest to relieve the function of the muscles and muscles of the elderly due to falls, injuries, overloading due to overloading of the vertebrae.
Recent articles and research also confirm that therapy in a flask can help embryo adhesion.
But it is also useful during pregnancy, as it can be used to treat spinal pain due to a change of posture, and after the birth, it helped with recovery in the third month.
Specialist: dr. Beáta Zsiska is a specialist in rheumatology, occupational therapist and holistic physician
And what's wrong with deception?
Bert Hellinger A German theologian, a philosopher, developed an observational, short-term psychotherapeutic method at the end of the eighties. The premise is that family is an incredibly powerful system in which, for generations, they operate subconsciously and influence individual members to connect, punctually, positively, or negatively. Hellinger worked over the years in missionary missions in South Africa, where he developed a method for problem solving for Zulu members. The Zulu, in any case of illness, trouble, assembly, called upon the clan, and raised the problem with collective force. Based on Hellinger's experience and observations, the method of deception is still evolving to this day. Here's how: a dozen or twelve unknown people come together, and then anyone who wants to stop them tells their problem. Following this, they will set up the family, the members of which will be chosen from the group. They personalize the members and, of course, the setter. Characters do not "act", but with the help of sensations and movements (mostly without words) they represent the deceived family. The state produces very intense sensations, and there are things that can be seen and interpreted that have remained hidden until then. The therapist monitors the adjustment, which usually takes between thirty and thirty minutes. It gives short solemn sentences in the mouths of the representatives, thus giving a new impulse to the family system, which starts on the path of change, healing.
Often, when a couple has no children, they have to look for the faint factor on the father's side. If, however, she conceives but the mother is unable to hold it, then the woman who does not feel secure will unknowingly prevent her from becoming pregnant. In these cases, there may be a painful story in the background, such as an abortion of your own or your mother, possibly the loss of a sibling, or some trauma related to childhood in the family system. If this is still an unconscious obstacle in the present, the person does not dare to become pregnant in order to prevent the tragedy from happening again.
Expert: Edina Gуra Natural Cure, Deceived
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