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How not to make my vacation a joy

How not to make my vacation a joy

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It's time for family vacations, and many times we can't dry it. We carry more scrapbooks in our heads, prepared for all the bad things that can happen. Let's try to get the most out of it and have a vacation for us.

Let's make our vacation safe

Our children in Winnipeg will be able to go anywhere, so we can make a great deal of nervousness by bringing equipment that comes from a child-friendly home with us. For example, table-top sponge doors made of sponge, if necessary, have zippers. Put your stomachs and other items that are dangerous to our children in a lockable place. After unloading, make your stay as safe as possible for as few days as you can, so you don't have to keep an eye on the little things at every moment.

Forget home rules

When we're finally vacated, we want to have a little wine, get some sleep and don't even think about diet. Let the kids live too a little! Our healthy eating principles are temporarily thrown out the window. Children's bedtime can also be reduced if you feel comfortable hanging out with friends or going out for a night out. It's not a catastrophe to see more tales in your life and more chocolate than ever. We're free, after all!

Let's book the kids

Unless we bring a babysitter with us, we can forget the sweet little thing for a couple of years when we are on vacation with children. We are best served by exhausting them throughout the day as much as possible. If you've forgotten how blissful it can be for your child to have a couple of sleeps during the day, we may now have the opportunity to do so again. Take them to spring, bathe several times a day. Walk the big ones in the fresh air, let them run around, play wherever they are, and they'll be dying for a night in the blink of an eye. Ak a many lives they fall asleep with a smile on their faces, and we can finally unpack our wine.

How not to make my vacation a joy

Give us time, too

We can create a fun holiday for our children if we allow ourselves some time for Nimi. If we were cuddly and so teased the little ones to rest in the sun, we would do likewise. Carry the book you want to read or sleep with us. If we are vacating with older children, everyone can turn off one thing for everyone age-appropriate movie megnйzйse. After the family has fallen asleep in the evening, we can play adult party games, play cards, or anything else that turns off and we don't have to leave our children alone.

Let's do it

The best part of a family vacation is to have the most powerful and funny moments you have at home. The working conditions of the first family holiday, the colorful face of our picnic, the joy of paddling in the water, and everything our children first encounter, such as forests, animals, and virtual lights of water. If we are covenant, she will fйnykйpeket also made. We may not be part of a wellness spa, but the conditions are worth the fatigue.


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