Cancerous diseases can be eliminated from genes

Cancerous diseases can be eliminated from genes

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Researchers have eliminated a crippled hematopoietic disorder created from embryos created in laboratory conditions.

Cancerous diseases can be eliminated from genes

Kнnai tudуsok your first time mуdosнtottak laboratуriumi kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt lйtrehozott ъgynevezett bбzis-szerkesztйssel embriуk DNA йt: sikerьlt kiiktatniuk sikerьlt with a цrцkletes vйrkйpzхszervi betegsйget.A Sun Yat-sen University kutatуinak, bypassed the цrцkletes betegsйget the gйnekbхl - use the medicalonline.hu the BBC News nyomбn .Carcinoma, which can be fatal in some cases, is caused by a change in the genetic material called point mutation. Chinese researchers scanned the DNA to find the error and then replaced the error in the DNA: the nucleotide bases were replaced with a guanine adenine.Chenqiu Huang, Protein and Cell c. According to one of the authors of a study published in the journal David Liu, a method developed by a researcher at Harvard University, provides new treatment. The method can also exclude other serious diseases.
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