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Let's prevent frostbite!

Let's prevent frostbite!

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In young children, severe frostbites affecting the organs are very rare, but we only deal with first-degree frostbite, especially on the extremities and the ears. In this case, the skin becomes red, develops a swelling, and has severe itching.

Freezing usually occurs when shoes, clothes, gloves are too tight, edgy, and outside is below freezing. The most important thing to do is to provide a small size, waterproof leggings and other accessories that allow you to move your fingers comfortably.
If your hands get really cold, feet, we can warm them up underneath us. If you are in the middle of frostbite and have a longer trip, temporary warming is dangerous due to the possibility of refrigeration. Contrary to popular belief, icy, wet rubbing is not a good solution at all, as it is more likely to cause tissue damage.

Let's prevent frostbite!

When we get home, plug the kid's foot into water 40-42 degrees Celsius. The kid's heater is less of an ideal solution because we can't fine-tune the temperature there. If necessary, the frostbite can be treated with a prescription frostbite, as its anti-inflammatory active ingredients accelerate healing.
First-degree frostbite is almost always healed without a trace, but experience has shown that the affected areas are more sensitive to cold. Be aware that wearing a backpack carries a greater risk of frostbite, as the little one does not move at all and the body distance is not as immediate as that of a carry.
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