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Virgin-born in the family (April 24 - June 22, VIII)

Virgin-born in the family (April 24 - June 22, VIII)

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As a young child, it is the nature of the "angelic" that fascinates everyone, its adaptability and its help.

Virgo baby, kid

It is extremely fragile to the details, with the exception of observational ability, which has the drawback: if you think you are out of order, it is easily stuck - and certainly quite critical. In the course of his studies favor practical values carries information and knowledge with care. He does not like to risk, he is more diligent than daring. Before you make any far-reaching decision, think carefully and logically about all the possible variations and their possible consequences. Of course, also loosening. The Virgin is mostly a kid He enjoys sports, traveling, going out, attending crafts classes. He also remains very active when he grows up, and he likes diversity. You do not lose your partner easily, but if you allow someone close to you, it will serve you with all your interest, willingly. You are often deceived by your career when you can do a great job in a profession where you can practice craftsmanship, systematic, healthy, committed, critical, His example illustrates well: not only the events of events can bring value to our lives, but also our everyday, small actions.


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