Night change of bed

Night change of bed

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At a young age, the difficulty of falling asleep, calming down, and then anxiety of separation makes it difficult to have a peaceful, peaceful sleep, but later, at the age of three, a kind of curiosity also appears.

Detail from a reader's letter:

My problem, in short, is this: One and a half months ago, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter occupied one half of my parents' bed. We are totally against taking you back to your room. He says he is very upset. She's up in the dark because there's something to come (though sometimes it seems, just to sleep with us). Another obstacle: it happens to be laid by the grandmother, who really can't resist it. How to get it back in place?
She has been sleeping alone for a few months and has never had such a problem. About three quarters of a year ago, when he woke up at night, he came to us and slept with us. It happened that he only came in the morning. After sleeping several times in the same bed with her grandmother, nighttime "shelter". We couldn't rest well either, so my brother went to another room. It was "freaking out" to the point where we put our own sleep to sleep so we didn't have to get up at night. Usually my brother sleeps. Now I'm going to sleep again in my own bed, but when he wakes up he wakes up. I didn't bring her back when she fell asleep, because I will fall asleep in the middle. (…) Thank you for your answer: a reader.
It is not uncommon for readers to read. Every child sooner or later has the problem of falling asleep. It also depends on the age and the parents' perception of what is in the background. Generally speaking, nothing strengthens the will of a child better than the hesitation of his parents. The child's doom is doubled when the parent realizes that he or she will for a moment but wakes before refusing the request.

Parent's attitude

There are many reasons for this stagnation. There are parents who usually have difficulty in saying no to their children. They are originally either conflicted people or just insecure about their roles as parents. Other times, it is only occasionally possible that they are let go. Perhaps they have a sense of guilt because they didn't pay enough attention to or irritate the children that day, or feel that they are sometimes injustice.


If possible, put the bedtime at the same time every night. Do not let anything go wrong or if you do not, because children have exhausted their parents with its humility and whining. The longer the proximity and the low end, the greater the likelihood that the near term will last the exhaustive contents of the low end.

The parents finally let the child in a state of exhaustion

We can do some exceptions, of course, but it's best to let us know in advance, for example: Today is your holiday or today is your birthday, so you can stay ahead. It is important to emphasize that there is absolutely no opportunity for an exceptional occasion, and we have no choice in this matter. Of course, there may also be parents who wait until the baby gets tired and goes to sleep by himself.
I think it's rarer, but it happens. If it works, there's nothing wrong with it. It is only a matter of where we allow and where we demand. Our child will only be uncertain because he will never know which variation will "come in" and it will cost everythingto let go.

Keep an eye on the baby

There is another type of sleep problem if, for example, a three-year-old child wants his room door open all night. You may say that you are afraid of the dark, but you suspect that you just want to keep an eye on your parents. When the parent gives in, the child calms down and falls asleep. Yes, but when the parents try to carefully close the door after 1-2 hours, the child immediately wakes up and begs to be left open again.
The harder version is, when the toddler wakes up regularly at night, slips into his parents' bed and is sure to be dragging his hands. At first, the parents still protest and take the little one back to their own bed. Yes, but the parent is human, and he wants to sleep at night. Whenever it is repeated several times or twice in the night that a child appears in the parents' bed, inject their waist, and let go or simply fall asleep from exhaustion.

Ovis sex

You have to know that between the ages of three and six, the sexual interest of children is very much alive.
The little ones start romanticizing the opposite sex. Later, they are gradually starting to realize that same-sex parents are also born into sex. When a baby is up all night keep an eye on her parentsand insisting on staying open in the bedroom door, or, like her baby girl, falling in love with her parents, she makes an effort - unknowingly - to keep them away from each other. She seems to have succeeded as her parents are sleeping outside.

Close the door if necessary

It is often at this age that little ones ask their parents not to kiss each other, or to embrace each other. These requirements, as well as co-existence, are not worthwhile, as they can create false illusions in the child. After all, a child can never get in the way of a father or a mother! There is no need for parents to let go and scold their children for wanting to falsely believe that they can substitute for any parent. I think that if a child goes to the parents' bed, he or she has to be brought back to his or her bed, every time he or she does!

It will be long overdue

It may be very hot for a while, but it will burn it in the long run. You can also close the door of the room at night if this is discussed with the child in advance. It is important to be aware of it in an alert and relaxed state: if you want to come to something, then knock and then open the door, return it to its place, and remain asleep with your bed. It helps a lot if you have clean before going to bed with the child, what will happen in that situation. And then it really should happen, and nobody has to worry or feel guilty about it.
Your child may be surprised to find the door is really closed, but at this point you may realize that your parents are serious about wanting to sleep outside. After a while, you do not have to close the door anymore, no more nights. If you just want to keep the door open, explain to him that his parents want to stay alone, since they are married and love each other.

Help Grandma, too

For my letter, I suggest that you bring your boyfriend back to their crib and bring him back to his bed. You're right, she's in a more difficult situation, because her grandmother is thinking about it, but she should be consistent anyway! The kid will realize for a moment that the situation is different with him and his grandmother. If you know, take your grandmother to put the baby in her bed, that would help a lot, but it's not really important.
Let's talk about this being a kid and a family the condition of a restful night. She'll still be a very good grandmother if she doesn't let her go to bed.


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