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Cure for childhood obesity, lots of sleep, and few babies

Cure for childhood obesity, lots of sleep, and few babies

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There is less chance that the baby will get fat if the family has dinner together, if the child is sleeping well and does not like the television.

Family Fun, Good Sleep And Little Father Against Childhood Obesity

In the United States, childhood homelessness is a growing social problem, and unfortunately, it is also a national problem in Hungary (because it is Hungary's most overweight child in Europe). A major study has been published, the results of which have been published by the most respected pediatric journal, Pediatrics. The conclusions may also be instructive for Hungarian families.

What's wrong with being a little chubby?

A child with the condition will be more likely to develop diabetes and have high blood pressure, generally less movement and skeletal system, and will not develop well. This process is progressing progressively but rapidly: in pre-school children, 2-5 years old in 1975, five percent, five years earlier, was double, 10.4 percent in the United States. The situation is no better in our country as well: every 5 children at home are overweight and lead the European charts.Sarah Anderson And colleagues recorded the data of 8,550 children born in the United States in 2001 and looked at the health, weight, and height of these children in 2005.
Three aspects of life circumstances have been evaluated. They noted whether the whole family had dinner together on at least five days of the week, whether the child had the opportunity to sleep on fire and on average, and would not see any more on weekdays.
According to age and height data the kids have 18 percent qualified stones. In a family where the previous three criteria were validated, the children only had 14 percent of the fat, but where neither the common family dinner, the restful sleep, or the cognitive limit of 25 were all four, bloated.
Statistical evaluation clearly demonstrated that only a single risk factor had reduced the risk of child mortality and that the outcome was best where family conditions were optimal in all respects.
Researchers also published statistics on the proportion of people living in American families today. More than half of Americans had dinner with their family members at least six times a week. 57.5 percent of toddlers slept at least ten and a half hours. Children's parenting was restricted by 40.4 percent of parents in Urna for a shorter period of time.
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