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8 tips to help you change your room cleanliness

8 tips to help you change your room cleanliness

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Did you decide to start a room cleanliness project, but are you just wondering how hard you made your ax? Take some air, you're not alone. Experienced moms and expert advice will help!

8 tips to help you change your room cleanliness

1. Don't leave your home without a party

You cannot always stay at home, even though it is much simpler to be in a familiar environment when you are raising your child in a clean room.Megoldбs:
Just because you get used to being a little party, you don't have to fry it between the walls. "Keep a travel party in the trunk of your car," he advises Regan Adrian early child development specialist, mother of a two-year-old child. "You can get a travel party that has a small tank that can be closed, so you can get rid of the final product right away. This is especially useful if you are going on a long car ride or spending a dent in a playground."

2. Let the little one see what's in the pelus

Peling simply becomes too macerated.Megoldбs:
Let's be honest: a toddler's birth is already very large, so it would be much simpler to go to the toilet than to the pelus. "My baby poop is as big as a banana, so one day I decided to face the facts and show her," she says. Daphne Brogdon editor of one of the American bababs websites. "Specifically, I told him, baby, look, your cock is too big for the pelus, this is the toilet currency. The confrontation gave the starter a kick for the habit."

3. Make sure your child is ready

Are all your little friends' friends clean? Then why can't the light of your eyes get over the party?Megoldбs:
Just because little neighbor Janika's been in Superman's underwear all day and your cousin has a good night's sleep without being sure your kid is ready for the room. Sarah Jio health blogger tried to get his two-year-old boy to get used to the party, but they hadn't been able to change it completely, even though the baby wasn't really ready for it. "It took me up to 3 years to complete the procedure, but in two minutes, she became room-clean. She could get used to her own pace. We completed it."

4. Lбsson példбt

You have shown her the point of step by step, your son / son is not at all interested in the toilet.Megoldбs:
Isn't your kid eating broccoli right now if his brother wants to eat it? The same goes for room cleanliness. "My three-year-old just didn't want to go to the party," he says Christina. "Then one day with her little friend, we were at a birthday jury when one of the little girls went to the bathroom and looked at my face at the party. Well, from that day on, she was also a breeze."

5. Inverted is better

There are parties, toilets for toilets, but your child is not willing to hesitate.Megoldбs:
Here's a completely spontaneous idea (just be there and watch your baby go out): "My son was not willing to go to the party or use the toilet," he says. Sarah Caronwho is a mother with two children. "So, on the wretched council, we were allowed to go to his normal vice. It just sounded strange at first, but he didn't think it would go any further. every time."

6. Play it

Your child is strained by the whole issue of room cleanliness.Megoldбs:
Beyond the comfort of the pelvis (squeaking) and squinting is a difficult and often scary thing for little ones. Dr. Dana Dorfman a child psychotherapist therefore recommends practicing roles in such cases. "Having a kid play with a favorite baby or stuffed animal helps him unlock his currency and increases the safety of the item." Dr. Dorfman advises parents to enter the games as well. "A mother or a dad can portray the fears of a child through the role of a baby or plush character: 'I don't want to hang on to the party. It's loud! "And the kid can play the role of a helper who explains it and shows the baby that he has nothing to fear."

7. Build Stability in the Oven and at Home

At home, everything goes like a hoop, but the door has problems too.Megoldбs:
"The key is ambition," he says Jen Singer mother-in-law with two children and author of a book series titled Don't Ask Yourself for Famous Parents. "Whatever your bilize / waking routine at home, strive to do the same everywhere else. For example, if your child loves to read a book in peeing, consider telling him / her to give. often the parents are so overwhelmed that they are unable to fully satisfy the needs of each child. well, you can apply it at home. For example, if your infant loves the soap used in the ovi, then take it home. "

8. Positive affirmations

Your kid won't be hurting when you try to convince him to come to the party.Megoldбs:
He puts his arms out, pounds his cheeky face, and oops, because he has a cock in the pelus, and you have no idea what to do with your stubborn child. "If your fate is blessed with similarly clever little slurs, start rewarding your efforts with some reward," he advises. Dr. Bertie Bregman csalбdorvos. "It is important for the child to feel that they have an influence on the events and that it is also important that the experience they have in the field of room cleanliness is positive. Try to focus so you can do something about it. You can take a nice book on a billy maciré that you wrap it up and let your little one / baby open it on the bilin / wiener. "Related articles in Room Cleanliness:


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