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Babusgam a lot - or better not to indulge?

Babusgam a lot - or better not to indulge?

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Can a child be tempted by caring for her, loving her when she needs it? Will you be impertinent to babysitting or, conversely, to a confident adult who is open to the world? Two opposing views follow from experienced material.

Babusgam a lot - or better not to indulge?

Andi (40 years old, mother of five children - she learned in her own skin why nursing is important): You always have to love
I do not believe that babysitting can be used to comfort a child! If you shit, there is a reason you need help. You do not know what he is doing at this time. I didn't do that to my first child because I read a bunch of stupid books. His father picked it up and began to explain to the three-week-old child, "Look, here's the bookshelf, these flowers and the flowers ..." I said to myself, then this man is not normal. Then I realized he was doing well.
The babus bump gives it the child had confidence for life. Looking back from here, I would add: not as much time as you can nurture - you will probably be sorry sooner if you didn't.
Don't be afraid you can't give as much cuddling as you want, because then you hold yourself back. But as much as he needs, he demands it. She hands me out to listen to her. If you do not encourage, then you will because it starts to get bad.
I will not settle for my love, but if they need me, I will love them. Babusgat and babusgat both good and enjoy both night and night ...Orsi (Expecting her second baby, 28 years old.) Best to impress!
It is not fortunate that we are constantly babusgat, there will be no hesitation, you can't help yourself. You don't even have to run over it, get it out of the way, if it's fallen and hurt it. It is fun to do the same thing: what did you catch: goat or flea? I'm sick of giggles too, everything has a proper name, innivalu is not a "drink"! The child should be included in the human figure at birth. If he is considered an adult, he will speak very selectively, he will use his mind.
I don't feed it in me, that's the order here. Grandma can do it for her, though she's not crazy, but she's not home. The child has to adapt to us. Our life is busy, it is good for our spiritual development. Until I can lean on my judgment, I'll be surprised if I do - but this is exclusive to the first few months.
I don't tolerate hysterics, you have to go into the room at that time. I think it's better must be raised with rigor the child as a pastor, especially the son. You can still love it. You have to hold it, especially if you are strong in nature. Nobody in her wits or ovis will fuck her.
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