Messy relationship

Messy relationship

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Who wouldn't want a nice voice to say to her? You can let go, change your mind to sleep, and wake up in front of a wonderful, self-created world. Give this to our children!

Sounds of voices, rhythms of words

The fairy tale has disappeared, feszьltsйgoldу its miracle begins in neonatal age, the rocking temple with some drooling where the cozy, monotonous moaning helps the baby to fall asleep. Many mothers, young dad restelli, have no beautiful voice, no hearing, can not sing, even have a voice in the unusual loud reading, but it is sure that no baby complained. It is not the lecture this year, but the parents the voice of a familiar acquaintance, the warmth of sense, the observation, the conception of the relationship are the essence. "Under the coast" is mostly long enough to fall asleep. At first, the voice is important, it can be enjoyed with the eyes closed, a relaxed voice that is probably heartbeat heard in the womb evokes rhythm. The touch, the graciousness, the shoulder arm, the caressing hand also contribute to the condition. children a illustrated in a picture book too. Of course, it will be a long time before the child understands what he or she is hearing and can follow the story, but you do not have to, or wait for the introduction of the evening storytelling habit.

Family liturgy

Every well-functioning family develops their own little rituals, such as in which day of the day is bathed, how anesthesia is done, and how and what is said about giving kisses. These recurring tiny circumstances are exacerbating the bond between family members, reinforcing toddler biztonsбgйrzetйtto be loving, kiszбmнthatу, lives in a stable environment. Evening singing, preaching, and storytelling is a cornerstone of this liturgy. Opportunity for meeting, talking, getting to know each other. Parents, listening to the reactions of the young child, can learn a lot about it: sometimes a recurrence, but also a finnish, a great deal, a little. (For example, a five-year-old boy listening to a fairy tale in an unusual way responded to the words "full sack": this time it turned out that an elderly, rural woman had previously scared the sulky man.) The child, watching the tones of his father and mother following the tale's turn, learns more and more about good, bad, and behaviors. They may develop my own, family fairy tales, including fairy tale streams, for family members, for your favorite sleeping beasts: these are the best in-house stories processing options too.

"It's not a fairy tale, child!"

Why is the tale important? It could be long. It increases your mental and dental health in the same way, part of socialization. A fairy tale - like a toy - is a window for a child in the adult realm. You can learn and practice the skills needed by adults in the world so that you can have the real risk of it all. it can be redone and rewritten the conflicts that you face in your daily life. The problem is solved and solved by the characters in the tale so that the child identifies with it and finds comfort or comfort in how to act in a similar situation. Not only is the tale individual emotional development And a family identitybut also the crystals that have been crystallized for the nation for generations, it also helps to belong to a cultured country, but first and foremost to entertain a child. " And Zsuzsanna Vajda Opposite the screen, this is a curious study. One of the essential features of the fairy tale is the fact that the poet has been removed from everyday life. Parents referring to a fairy tale such as a fairy tale, "This is just a fairy tale", and Gold's parable "No fairy tale, child" refer to this. Another important feature is that it clearly and flawlessly presents some of the features, so for example, if something very nice, it is fairy tale, fairy tale, fairy tale.For classic fairy tales, there are many things in the Neapolitan: , objects, overpowering swords, resurrection miraculous resurrection, dragons, witches, lords and spellbinders, etc. At the same time, there are many things that are part of everyday life: the daily work of adults, the struggle to survive, to get better, the natural phenomena, the landscapes. archetнpusok, a presentation of typical human situations, personalities. Good, bad, evil, aspiring, warrior, gentle, confident, heroic, industrious, loyal, lazy characters appear in the fairy tale, like a human being, an animal, or some kind of miracle, and show how responds to certain properties. For children, the recited fairy tale is about the problem of life you can later take behavioral patterns, conflict resolution options, and apply them to your own life situations.

Inner cinema instead of canning

"Well, a fairy tale means the child gets enough of it, but you can also see it in a video, a tape recorder, a computer," a parent might say. Many people live by the opportunity to put their child in front of their parents, let them watch cartoons for fun, at least they can take care of busy parents. After all of the above, you may not even need to emphasize how much the two things are not the same the gép must not waste not only because the sense of personality, intimacy lacks in such a case, and in fact, not only because of the lack of feedback, processing, but because of these When a child listens to a story, his imagination, imagination, works his brain was throwing internal shotsthat show the shapes and stories of the tale.When you see the same story in the film, get your pictures ready the drawing, according to the directors' ideas, that is, their brain is much less active at this point, goes blank, and does not evolve as if it had to support the drawing itself.

Relieve anxiety

In addition, it is much more difficult for a toddler to make a difference between the language and fiction than when reading a fairy tale, so much more more often cause anxiety it contains a fairy tale, but its dissolution and processing is not done. Thus, a child born to a parent does not calm down, does not fall as easily as when reading a fairy tale; Medical research has shown that the effects of television on children can be accurately recorded. Researching German children aged 6 to 12 years found that scenes involving children are in danger, wing shapes appear, or luck is lost in the screen, and their heart rate is increased. Steady elevated levels of excitement can lead to persistent, secondary organ complaints and a decrease in concentration. What is recommended? If there is no time for any parent to sit down on the bed, it is always more relaxing and helpful for the child to develop a tale and hear the story of the child. And if parents love to have a father, a video, or a computer animation, because they love it, then give them a good look at what they are looking at and possibly the toddler don't be alone in front of the screen, be it grown up, whom you can turn to, whom you can ask, whom you can talk to.
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