Bad weather for Lake Balaton 3 program tips in Tihany area

Bad weather for Lake Balaton 3 program tips in Tihany area

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Few things are more annoying than having no beaches at all during a predetermined holiday period.

Thousand in the woods, with beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, this summer cannot be said to be balanced in terms of weather. With the combination of the "monsoon cannon with heavy rain", we are all over the rainy, windy weather that evokes November.
Instead of being annoyed by the fact that you can't do anything about it, be sure to check out alternative programs before your vacation. On the northern shore of Lake Balaton we also recommend two places worth visiting in Tihany.
(Everybody knows where to look for the abbot and prospect, so we aren't writing right now ...)

Tihany Family Fun Park

This is really a place where all members of the family, regardless of their age, can feel good at once. And the idea is pretty simple.
So enjoy a nice, large lawn area - in this case, in a beautiful setting, beside the Inner Tush of Tihany - exhibit outdoor games (sandy, swing, slide for the little ones, bowling, miniature golf, small cats, add a nice little feed to your kitchen and your good juices, milky wines, and you're ready for the perfect family getaway in March. If you don't have explicit beaches, but it's not raining yet, success is sure.
It would be best if this genre was so popular that there would be countless places like this in every country.
In case the rain begins to happen, you can quickly find yourself in an exciting and sheltered place:

Tihany lavender house

Lavender is a noble and multifaceted plant. Its scent is unique, its healing power is well known. In Tihany there is an old tradition of cultivation.
Based on these, the Lavender House of Tihany was created, where you can learn about the lavender cultivation, the volcanic culture of Tihany and other natural phenomena in an interactive exhibition. The little ones start at the touch of a button when they study volcanoes and other geological phenomena. Even in the pleasant park, even the smallest ones can run around in the rain, but if we can't see our display after the exhibit, we can taste the buffet's treats. Lavender treats, chocolate, lavender. Unfortunately, all of my big favorites have been chosen, this is a fairy tale.
The idea, which seems surprising, is not so new, and many countries' kitchens are already using lavender for cooking. If you are not visiting Tihany recently but would like to try this plant, try lemon-lavender!

Thumbs up in the woods

Do you know Locspocs, the little sea monster? I had one of my favorite tales ... Living on an island that is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays for outsiders, so invisible… bъcsъvacsorбnkhoz.
The story and the photos on the website are simply fabulous. Most of all, I will not miss all the treasures in the world.