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We need to make the change! Interview with Sheila Kitzinger

We need to make the change! Interview with Sheila Kitzinger

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Avoid being born, living far from machinery and nearer to life - to summarize the essence and work of Sheila Kitzinger. During our talk in Budapest this week to pregnant women: dare to ask!

Sheila Kitzinger is one of the most renowned and respected experts in birth and has a number of books and scholarly work around the world.
The basic principle is to protect women's rights in the areas of childbirth, sexuality and motherhood. He did not approach a doctor as a pediatrician, but as a cultural anthropologist, so as to approach history, Neapolitan, and psychological aspects. For the second time in the spring of 2008, he gave lectures in Hungary. The mother of five children born at home. In recent decades, more and more medical and health care areas have become available. It is no problem if the system is resilient and questions and revises its procedures from time to time. This is one of the most important ideas in the action of Sheila Kitzinger.

We need to make the change!

"Many times, lucky people are stunned by what they should do," he says thoughtfully in the hotel room where I made the interview.
The most wonderful life in my life came when my fifth child was born. We didn't call the baby in time, because the process just started slowly, then it accelerated very suddenly, I just had to push. My boyfriend filmed the scene, so I didn't go out to help the baby's bed, as the babysitter used to. And that's when the surprise came! The baby was born on its own, without any help, was actually healed, then continued through to my chest, to my chest.
I looked, smelled. Then he opened his mouth and started sucking. He was good at it! We would never have expected this for a New Year's Eve! But why not? All puppies of all mammals are capable of this show! Sometimes, of course, the help of the human birthright goes away, but it was a wonderful feeling to see it go by itself. I would never have come to this if I had given birth to my fifth baby like my first baby!
- Most pregnant mothers prefer to avoid breast incision. It is more routine in Hungary. How do you think this could change?
- When the first incision was made, I asked in every hospital how many times such an intervention took place. It turned out that no records were kept at all. When I told this to a friend of a professor who was working in an education center, I added that without data, it was not possible to examine why and what kind of practice she had done in practice.
Since then, data are being monitored in every hospital, and this has been a long-term process, as research has not proven routine application, leading to a reduction in the number of cuts. In other words, you have to ask if you really are in for an advantage. And what do the results prove? These were the first requests I made at the beginning of my quest - she remembers smiling.
- We are now thirty percent the proportion of cuttings. What do you think will be the sequel? More and more interventions, more and more cesarean section, or are we going to get to natural birth again?
- That's a lot! Szцrnyы! Brazilian conditions are moving ahead! Dangerous because cesarean section increases the risk for the mother and the newborn. The more cesarean section of the mother is performed, the more problems may be expected during the next pregnancy and birth.
Unfortunately, it is true the more vulnerable a pregnant woman is, the higher the risk they are. The only consolation is that where many cups are made, they are so proficient in surgical techniques that they are less common. Certainly it is by itself will not change the current situation, we must do it.
Women must assume that they are from their bodies, their births, and their children! You must be required to perform the necessary research on cesarean section and parenting! It is certain that the high rate of cesarean section does not lead to better birth results. It is much more likely that the high rate of surgery is due to the protective behavior of doctors rather than to the benefits of the procedure.
- Most women don't even bother to question the doctor's decision. There is also a fear in this, as you have to be very brave enough to stand up to someone's original determination, despite the promises made!
- Unfortunately, that's true. It can help a lot if you have time to think about the possibilities. Whoever can do it is good to give birth, because examinations have shown that it is less likely to intervene.
Women do not have to agree to something that is not convinced of the need. A parenting plan is useful because everyone can determine the order of importance for themselves, and it will help with your baby's and your doctor's consultation. And the effective remedy for fear is the support given to women, for example, the help of the dole. It is also advantageous for the same person to observe the whole of baby dolling.
- More and more women are over the age of thirty. They are "old-born women", vulgarities, and germinalities. What do you think about that?
- In the first version, decades ago, thirty were the elderly. It should be noted that women's health, life and needs have changed a great deal, so that they can be in over forty years in perfect physical condition. And it is a fact that more and more are born after their forties. One of my mother-in-law's friends, for example, gave birth to her last child and was incredibly uplifting! If he had thought it impossible from the outset, he would never have survived this miracle!
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