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Make yourself some tips for moms

Make yourself some tips for moms

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At Christmas, even moms who do not believe in the honesty of their hands may find it useful. We've collected some inspirational ideas.

These offers have something a ready-to-buy product can do nothing to offer: his unique and unrepeatable soul. We bring together some inspiring ideas, lighter, harder.

1. Synthetic

Music and lazy shopping can't start early, so this the synthesizer pad perfect gifts for all kids. Best of all, don't be overwhelmed by the sound of a keyboard keyboard hell!What we need: two different colored materials (front, back), black and white felt pads, letterpress, olive, alcoholic pens (for markings), cotton pads to fill in. The lines between the keys are either drawn or sewn or sewn by hand with a stitching. Your synth brand can be the name of your child, this "brand mark" is printed on a small white piece on the upper right corner, and the ready keyboard and the "mark mark" are printed on the top, outer side of the pillow. Finally, the bottom and top are sewn together with the exception of a few parts where the cotton wool is loaded. The section left open will be completed in a couple of minutes.

2. From Word

Szнvpбrna. Not only for children, but also for lovers, friends, mothers.What you will need: ollou, at least two different sample materials, cotton wool

Word of mouth - heart shaped pillow

Cut two large words from one material and two smaller words from another (these will be the word, the heart pockets). The easiest way to get a nice shape is to fold the material and cut half a heart out of it and then open it. You sew the little pocket to the upper part of the heart, then sew the two shapes, leaving a little space where you load the cotton wool. You are also sewing this seam.

3. If the bath water is the soup, you should include a sponge in it!

Probably one of the easiest tips out of all, all you need is a bath sponge and a scoop. Йrdemes before drawing the outlines on the sponge so that it would not be skewed along the cut. If the sponge is thick, use a sharp snicker. Of course, not only letters, but numbers, geometric shapes, clouds, flowers, autos, and many more can be formed.

4. Recycled images

Depending on your model, this simple decoupling idea can be a good idea for children and adults alike.What we need: wood board, all kinds of paper (useful for inside checkboxes, posters, vintage worksheets, magazines, napkins, textile scraps and the like), decoupage, cardboard, brush, buckle or buckle. Then we pinch it or draw it around the selected paper. Attached to the wood panel with a decoupage glue, along with the rest of the cut out details. Eyes, wings, noses are worthy of some kind of linen (felt, button ribbon, yarn) that is different from the figure. Leave to dry for a maximum of one day. Applying decoupage once after drying will brighten the surface.

5. Jump to school in the room

It's not complicated at all, but all the more elaborate is this leap school, which even a scrapped blanket, a monochrome, does. The gravel can be replaced by a roll of textile ball, a hand-sewn small cube or a pad, but any small game or double leg can be used. We use the tape to wrap the rubrics and numbers of the jump school so it can be easily removed when kids are tired, but anyone who wants a timeless gift can also sew it out of staples. It is worth to slip under the carpet!

6. Baby cot

You can make this mobile not only from origami figures, but also from ribbons, pieces of textiles, tiny stuff, frost. It is based on a shapely little tree that we have cleaned so that nothing falls on the bed. Importantto make the hanging games on it so that you balance each other out.

7. Plüss-stiti act

Unfortunately, there is no sandblasting, but with this creative idea we can substitute a little bit of exciting sandblasting games.What we need: muffin brush shape (worth looking for $ 100 in a shop), at least seven different colors for textiles, cotton wool, olive, needle, ribbon, as many acrylic paints as there are holes in the mold. We cut a number of sheets of textiles, each with a different color, which becomes the top of the muffins. The bottom of each is sewn in a brown navy and two small brown hoops. Muffin the tops of the circles smoothly, then prepare the soles on the outside, then fill them with cotton wool and stitch them together.Related articles in this topic:
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