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The Kid of the New Life - Part One

The Kid of the New Life - Part One

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Since June, when we firmly agreed that the baby could come, everything changed. I do not lie if I say that all odds and ends are positive. But it's too bad to run.

The kid can come!

After being anointed, frustrated, and stuffed on the doors, the human being slowly releases the "I want", "I need it" - in this case, baby-related. Two years ago, I am very happy to have a baby: to breastfeed, nurture, bring to life in painful places, and so on. These are the only ones vбgybeteljesнtх My life - though with the utmost certainty I could set it aside after my long search - but it didn't turn out to be my body. I settled in for a bloody run, with patience. It wasn't easy, that's not my basic nature (I'm explaining to esoteric thinkers that basics, patience have taught me a lot of gnomes in the past) .So let go. We had to give up a lot of things because ours is a strange package: with my choice we try to make a living from scratch, because he takes great care of the previous one. So far, we've had a lot of excuses (when we're stressed about finally having a kid): now we don't have a baby because we don't have our own home, and we don't have a lot of supplies, and if I drop out, not even earning nappies - paying for child support and all the other costs that go with it. And neither did he, because he did. There was plenty of commentary that seemed acceptable. Let's face it, on a material level, the economic will and "bring up a child in this country too?" these types of troublemakers have always verified these. But it's something like that Popper Peter tell. Note in the Tricks that you are not allowed to live with remnants. "Unfortunately, I can't live now because I'm in the mood for it. I'm unfortunately getting hired now. I'm just scarlet now, I'm not. I'm in love, I'm getting married, it's just a transitional period (…). And life goes a long way because is such that a transitional period does not exist. There is no transition period in human life. What he lives for is his life. Come on, at age seventy-seven, hey, that was my life! Kйsх. I think that I can live without desire for what age, a life situation, a social environment allow - this is the secret to dying in life and in life. "

Something we both turn on

This Popper thought both of us got stuck and started losing our minds. D. as the autopsy hairline grew snoring more and more ("we will not be younger"), he began to let go of "his own common whisker, but he also got a lot more" "," if we get stuck, you can work from home "), and in the breaks of my long examinations, I became attentive to some sober thoughts on the topic ... which has fallen, but somehow it sounds like: if you do not look at your own body sensations, reactions, feelings, it is a vain attempt to perform a balanced (working) woman, lover, mother. I still believe that even though we are not honest with our bodies and with the currency, the point is as much a hindrance to everything as the external factors (or much more). If you overcome your weaknesses, you can be any of you and frantic lucky, and you will to invite your children your grief, your false thoughts, your anxieties, your lost secrets - even though you intend to do everything in your head just like your parents. I thought it. You can do this in a more standard way and I am constantly on it. So I decided that if I had a child, I would buy them from my mother's (that is, my) son-in-law, and unwrap them before getting pregnant. Thanks to the work of the gods / destiny / gods, one of the defining features of the first half of my 2013 year is women group I went over the days to Bori Hoppel's "Woman's Blossoming" fantasy, to put myself in order. My wife, my mother, my relationship with my hormones, my cycle, my body and my relationship with my pet, and of course the with my own mother my worldview has been exposed in a new and smoother way. "That is what it is" - that banal sentence brought the bleak. This is my body, this is the psychic background, this is our material / financial currency, we have to make it, be proud of it, and we have to leave human beings with us. With the participants in the group, who were women of different ages and backgrounds, we listened, danced, drew and talked a lot, and with the help of them, I learned how to be good at everything I was given. I lost my reflux, I became more balanced in my workplace and in my relationships. I fell in love with myself and am proud to have experienced the power of women's solidarity. She has had a lot of experiences with a lot of common-sense, similar (and so on) women's fates. The group officially ended in June. In the last "check-in" session (this is how we usually close all bundles in the group, so everyone tells me what they bring home from that event), we decided on the baby, to do this, squeeze in the summer.Related articles in Baby Articles:
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