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More than fifty thousand have resorted to some kind of cheating

More than fifty thousand have resorted to some kind of cheating

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By July 1, more than fifty thousand people had requested a form of a fraud action plan, the Human Resources Department said.

More Than Fifty Thousands Wanted A Family (photo: iStock)Katalin Novák he said that starting with the free use of up to tens of millions of forints, then baby-backs with more than 32 thousand people have requested support for their baby's birth, and that they have been gradually supporting them during childbirth. Nine out of ten would require the maximum of tens of millions of forints, he said. He added: so far, they have paid out $ 217 billion to those in need. Large families have been awarded car assistance support by 13,000, which, according to the secretary of state, shows that support is responsive to all needs. Katalin Novák also informed me that the mortgage loan had been extended to three thousand. From July 1, the state will pay one million forints on the existing mortgage loans, up to one million forints for every third child, and one million for each additional child. szбmбt. The government has spent HUF 9,5 billion on the domestic budget this year, he added. In addition, parents who return their children to work or leave work for up to 40,000 HUF a month will be assisted in returning to work. More than a thousand people have called for it so far, the Secretary of State explained the latest figures. He reported that about 18,000 inquiries had been received by the Government in 1818 regarding the fraud action plan. You can also call the phone number if you have any questions about support. Katalin Novák, who emphasized that the government attaches importance to the family, is pursuing a family-centered policy since 2010. The Secretary of State recalled that from January 1, two new elements of the action plan, the grandparent's childhood and the motherhood of mothers with young children, will come into effect. Erika Trencsбn the leading money market expert talked about the most popular support for baby boomers, which is deliberately used by families, as two thirds of the claims are for the home. Support is also used by many to borrow money, he added. The financial institutions received the most demands in mid-July, which they handled smoothly and well.
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