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A baby was found in the incubator of the Kecskemét Hospital

A baby was found in the incubator of the Kecskemét Hospital

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A healthy baby was left at the headquarters of the Kecskemét Kecskemét Kecskemét headquarters in Kecskemét at dawn, the institution said.

Little kid left at Kecskemét Hospital Incubator (photo: iStock)More than a decade later, she is the fourth child left in the incubator.Great Dane of Duna Island said the 3500-gram, 50-centimeter baby in the townhouse was given the first name Fanni.
The children's rescue incubator is open from the parking lot of Nyirri Nyitri Hospital in Kecskemét. Sensors report to the reception a few minutes after the baby is placed. In this case mйg leave nйhбny minutes to szьlхknek to elbъcsъzhassanak the gyermektхl йs megхrizhessйk anonimitбsukat and szakkйpzett munkatбrsak kezйbe kerьl the ъjszьlцtt.A csecsemх tovбbbi sorsбrуl kйsхbb, szбmos vizsgбlat utбn intйzkedik the gyбmhivatal, but six hйten бt mйg occur in szьlei also йrte - described the comparative case for the first time in January 2012 the Kecskemét hospital was located at the site in Izhaki, where it was found to be in a life-threatening condition when born to a newborn at 1300 grams. The little boy, temporarily called Attila Szék, was reported by his parents. In 2016, a healthy baby was left in baby-free toys. The 3160-gram, 50-centimeter baby, temporarily called Ignabcz Brigitt, has finally been adopted. The third case occurred on November 7 last year; the 3400 grams, 53 centimeters, of Gobbor - even before Christmas - were evenly blown away.
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