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A message to your grandparents: Don't show your love to me!

A message to your grandparents: Don't show your love to me!

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Well, we know the centerpiece: the grandmother who makes chocolate for the kid (usually the parent's back), the grandfather who always has candy in his pocket. Here are some tips to help your grandchildren stay healthier!

According to research, grandparents are really prone to lure their children, for example, to give them too much pleasure or to allow them to live all day before (for example) because they do not . According to University of Glasgow experts, these negative habits are very often supplemented by grandparents' smoking in front of their children, even if they were previously told not to do so. Dr. Stephanie Chambers, according to the study's lead author, this could have a serious long-term impact on children's health.Intermittent roasting takes place occasionally "Many parents need the help of their grandparents, and grandparents have many positive effects on the development of children, but small contradictory messages can be given to you." It was found that grandparents often neglected parents' healthy diet questions and set a bad example for their children. "The passzнv dohбnyzбs the бllandу йdessйgevйs mйg megnцveli tumor betegsйgek rizikуjбt it" - says Chambers.A by professionals should felhнvni the nagyszьlхk figyelmйt the egйszsйgtelen йletmуd veszйlyeire cйlzott kampбnyokkal, however, should also szьlхknek beszйlgetniьk velьk arrуl nyнltan how to ensure unokбkrуl .

3 tips for grandparents

Don't "educate" the kids!Many grandparents use sweets, chocolates, candies, and blackmail or reward their grandchildren, and try to stop the hysterics with a little nuns. However, there are much better methods for doing this! If you really want to reward you, don't do it with food.Do not offer them wheat, spit or fruit juice!There is a lot of sugar in fruit drinks and fruit juices, and kids are able to eliminate surprisingly large amounts in seconds. Because it is "only" innervative, we often overlook how many empty calories they contain. For children, the best drink is plain water or non-fresh (or perhaps minimal) fruit tea.Spend more time outdoors!The activity levels of grandparents and children are related: the more "athletic" grandma or dad is, the easier it will be for the grandchild to move around. Regardless of the time you spend outdoors, it has a very positive effect on everyone, so let's go out for a walk, play or go out (via) You may also be interested in:
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