Maternity leave betegsйg

Maternity leave betegsйg

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Healthy Baby, Happy Mom: Would it be so simple? Depression, Depression, Fatigue: These are not included in the pink image that surrounds the post-partum period. All mothers should be happy, if not that is their mistake.

Maternity leave betegsйg

One of the GYESD a childbirth taboos: it is not right to complain, to be depressed, you should dry your baby 24 hours a day and take all obstacles smoothly. That is, no, there are no obstacles or hardships at all. Just baby scents, smiles, gentle breastfeeding, lightning fast body regeneration, quick return friends, new relationships, light touch, daddy, all of which changed her life situation And the hardship this new situation represents. It doesn't matter if your baby is in a well-functioning relationship or a busy one: the life of the family changes radically and finally. Three of the two, the mother of the women, the father of the male, the new roles will make a real difference in everyone's life. These changes are relatively few and easy to overcome, many struggle with and with social, family expectations. Change is always something new, but it is also the end of something. And mother's hormonal changes are undeniable, not to be overlooked is not too clever. weren't mothers just as single as they are today. Practical, day-to-day help was much more accessible to the grandmother, brother, sister-in-law, or other women living with the mother, and women were not alone in their physical sense: a mother can't complain, it doesn't feel bad for you, because there is the virtuous and the blessed newborn. Motherhood is naturally a wonderful thing; it is also a demanding role. He wants service 24 hours a day, many of which are renounced: there was constant interaction between the child and the mother's own hopes and imaginations. The finding a balance not everyone is as light-hearted and straightforward as the environment often requires. GYES disease or GYES syndrome is a common cause. But it's not really about being a bored baby, but the difficulty of adapting to a new life situation, changing lifestyle, rhythm and hormonal changes. spiritual processes band problem. The mother is sleepless, she often feels alone, her responsibility is Urian, because she finds herself alone with a helpless infant.This anxious state may have symptoms insecurity, irritability, fear, depression, appearance of pimples, sadness, persistent tension, or persistent headaches. for the family: for the relationship and for the baby. Children of anxious mothers will not become puppet pups (not as if they were to be asked), will not be silent, and the mother will become more anxious, and thus the ecological environment will be formed. In words we can list relaxation, understanding of the environment, understanding of the family, lots of support, staying away from everyday life, sports, exercise, whatever recharging. These are very important solutions, of course, but besides all of these, or rather before them, it would be most important to recognize motherhood is not always a foamy state, it does not work equally well for all of us. We can talk about it, ask for advice, from friends, from family, from punctuation and from professionals.
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