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Frenzied Kidney: How Often Do You Need Control?

Frenzied Kidney: How Often Do You Need Control?

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It may be legitimate to ask the parents whether they need to have their diet periodically checked if their diet is to last a lifetime.

Frenzied Kidney: How Often Do You Need Control?I was asked about this dr. Hidvégi Edit pediatric gastroenterology, a doctor at the Buda Allergy Center.As currently known, celiac disease is not a cure for gluten.

Only the diet can stop the symptoms

The first symptoms of celiac disease occur months after the introduction of gluten-containing foods in children. Wheat, rye and barley contain gluten, and these symptoms can be consumed by the consumption of cereals, rye, breads, plantains made from cereals. Parents generally notice that the child has abdominal pain, has abnormal stools, often has diarrhea, and has multiple blouses. "In children with celiac disease, Following this, if the patient strictly adheres to a gluten-free diet, the symptoms will disappear and the lab will eventually resolve. Since celiac disease has an and even grandparents). "

One and a half years in control

Within a specified time after diagnosis, the attending physician will conduct a control blood test (no biopsy is required) and will check that the level of transglutaminase (tTG) is above normal. That's why it's important to know that, in addition to relieving symptoms, this is a way to prove that your diet is effective. "The change in numbers, they are doing really well, without dieting, they are going through this initially very tough time. "

When do we see the doctor again?

In the following, control inspections are generally conducted annually. In this case, the tTG check is performed again. Because celiac disease cannot be cured, decreasing tTG values ​​or being permanently within the normal range does not mean that the child is "healed" and may return to his or her previous disposition, emphasizes Dr. Hidvgi. Your doctor will also monitor your child's progress in the control tests for adequate height, weight, lack of iron deficiency, or lack of water in the body.

Lifetime treatment

It is an apology to believe that once a diagnosis has been made, the patient will be allowed to go over with the gluten-free diet advice, says dr. Hidvégi Edit. In addition to the administration of childbirth development, the increased amount of family pills, and the administration of a high tax rebate for adults, regular periodic examinations are also important due to the importance of screening in adulthood. In these cases, you may also have a screening for celiac disease and possible conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and osteoporosis.Related articles on flourishes:
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