Better Bnnest two years to go to prison

Better Bnnest two years to go to prison

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He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and banned Gerbil from the Capital City Council on Tuesday for his official term of ten years. The life is forceful, no appeal. The life was born in a tragic, homey way with a tragic outcome.

Two years in jail for Gerbie Bebnest (photo: Tuesday, he brought a forceful idea to the Metropolitan Bible in Bethlehem, a very old, tragic home birth. In one case, the first baby was born in 2003, but the second baby was in a state of oxygen deficiency at birth, resulting in permanent After 40 minutes, the Reformation of the Capital did not produce any results. The 2012 нtйlet kйt йv foghбzbьntetйsre нtйlte йs tнz йvre hivatбsбtуl Gerйb Бgnest banned, but because of the kйt perъjнtбsi kйrelem tбrgyalбsok folytatуdtak.A megъjнtott lawsuit in 2017 бprilisбban mуdosult нtйlet instead of elkцvetett foglalkozбs kцrйben, maradandу fogyatйkossбgot okozу careless veszйlyeztetйs enyhйbb bыncselekmйnyt, foglalkozбs Otherwise, the bereavement victim left the original life lost and the occupation lost. Нgy the бprilisi not jogerхs нtйletben the kйt йv foghбzbьntetйst цt йvre felfьggesztettйk the munkбtуl valу eltiltбst tнz йvrхl eight йvre csцkkentettйk.Ennek the tбrgyalбsnak the vйgйn last year бprilisban appealed to the ьgyйsz azйrt that bнrуsбg utasнtsa in mindkйt perъjнtбsi kйrйst, Gerйb Бgnes vйdхje but he appealed and dismissed the appeal. Based on this Tuesday's case, the appeal of the court has been upheld by the Court of Justice, but Gerb Gerb has to go to jail for two years. After the announcement of the story, Gerb
"At the end of the eighties, I started to conduct births outside the hospital, just as Hungarian society was busy at all levels to break down oppressive systems. These lawsuits are home birth, whose eligibility could not suddenly be recognized as having been preceded for decades by professional truths tied to the person by medical society.(photo: Ajpek Orsi / Index) The solution to this inexorable contradiction was to make me, as a homebirth, a black bear who, without the former, dangerous, and sacrificed home, would be beautiful, beautiful, and violent. After a long period of time, the Hungarian state has acknowledged that non-institutional parenting has just the same right of birth as institutional parenthood. Free choice on the basis of real information is the key to safety, and it is necessary for women and their families to be safe and secure when it comes to parenting. Birthing was definitely hurting people. Social interests to avoid humiliation and trauma. Home women have no small part in the fact that parenting within the institution is humanized in many ways. If my work helped get anyone closer to a fairer and more humane system, there was some benefit, a positive benefit to this long, difficult period, this witchcraft. " I have been working to make Hungarian women safer, to be more human, and to have more and more conditions, against our evidence, "said Gerbie Bnes. Your life is final, there is no appeal.Related articles about Gerbé Бgnes's talks:
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