What are expectant mothers afraid of and why are these good fears unfounded?

What are expectant mothers afraid of and why are these good fears unfounded?

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Exciting and unexpected situations for the (more or less) nine months before the baby arrives - and most of us are worried for the rest of this time. But most fear is basic.

What are pregnant mothers afraid of?

What are you afraid of? Lots of vomit, my baby is not getting enough nutrition.What is the currency? The smallness that develops in your body is very effective when you need to get what you need. Abbуl "gains" the important nutrients you give her - even if you look at it. And with regular fetal vitamins, you provide him with this. You need to start worrying a little if you smell so much that you start to rinse it off. However, this can be easily treated with medical help. The important thing is regular and balanced nutrition: if you feel like this, you cannot hold on to anything, then take smaller doses more often. And if you can only put down one or two of your food, you can still calm down and the baby will get what he needs.What are you afraid of? I'm doing something you love for your baby.What is the currency? The disadvantage of too much and easily accessed information is that a mother often fears about things that she shouldn't. In addition, you are incapable of complying with all the rules and regulations without being included. Most of the time, we are forbidding admissions because research results are uncertain about their effects. It is easiest to talk to your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy and follow the main guidelines. And if we are really looking for something, such as a "forbidden" meal or a hair dye, we simply look for alternatives!What are you afraid of? Parenting starts early.What is the currency? There is a good basis for this fear, as the number of early births has increased significantly in recent decades. However, this does not mean that you are bringing your baby up too soon - rather, it means that babies arrive between weeks 34 and 36 and developmental disorders or complications occur during this period Low. Healthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol avoidance, and regular medical check-ups can significantly reduce your chances of premature birth.What are you afraid of? Something terribly uncomfortable happened to me in the birth room.What is the currency? I am distracted by the Danube: I beat the doctor, got diarrhea when I was born, yelled so loud that I heard it in my neighbor's life, and in the end, you have to shut your eyes to it. everyone has a natural abstinence.But if you do a parent several times a day, like doctors, birthers, and neighbors, you will eventually get used to it. And if you are afraid of your parent because of this, think that what's going on in the baby room is between the walls of the baby room, and you have to focus on one thing: the baby.What are you afraid of? Never again will there be the same sex.What is the currency? It's hard to imagine that things will ever "rearrange" after birth, though most of the time it happens. And sex - especially in the first period - loses its significance to sleep. However, after some time, will and will appear, according to a study, women are almost 100 percent proprietary. If you feel insecure, start slowly, carefully, and get to know each other's body again. And if it doesn't work, it's worth a visit!What are you afraid of? I will never win back my old man.What is the currency? As much as you think of the earthly bully you feel at the end of your worthiness, we are reassured: this will not always be the case. Of course, don't start with the stars who bikini up in the bikini a week or two after birth. Research has shown that women are only 15 to 20 percent excess after childbirth, so there is a good chance you will regain your old form (or you will just get better). Breastfeeding will revitalize your metabolism and your new low calorie intake with the addition of a well-balanced diet and exercise that will help you slowly eliminate the extra bones.Related articles about pregnancy fears:
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