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If you have influenza in the toddler - You are here and there

If you have influenza in the toddler - You are here and there

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It's the flu season, and unfortunately this can affect young children as well. What to do with an influenza trifle? How can we accelerate healing?

First and foremost, it is important to decide whether you really have flu. Of course, this can only be decided by a lab test, but there may be a slight indication that it is not simple. THE typical symptoms of freezing among them are heat rises, nighttime coughing, and runny nose - and, of course, the little one is tighter than usual. The flu on the other hand, it is accompanied by high, hard-to-quench heat, sore throat, dry cough, nasal congestion, chills, and generally nausea. Influenza children can have diarrhea or vomiting, and are more fallen, more demented, leaner than other upper respiratory illnesses.What to do if your baby has flu

How can you help a small child?

Relax a lot!
it's okay for a sick baby to sleep more than usual. If you want it, go for it, do more!Get in the inn!
Children with influenza often have no diarrhea, and due to weight and diarrhea, they may be more at risk of outbreaks, which can make it harder to fight infection. Freeze often with water, diluted fruit juice, tea, even broth or yoghurt!Soothe the fever!
Unfortunately, the very high, fatty lumps do not harm the body, so it is worth dampening it with medication.Give him some honey!
Baby-free antitussives are not good for children, but water is sure to reduce hunger, relieve throat nausea, and give your child a good night's sleep. But for a baby under the age, don't give up!Use a nasal spray!
Seawater nasal spray helps to dissolve the sticky skin, so it's easier to remove it, so the little one gets air more easily!Pбrбsнts!
Dry air can irritate other inflamed mucous membranes, so the little one can cry better, especially at night. Use a frying pan or place (securely fastened!) A bowl full of water on the heater. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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