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Education in childhood - keep this in mind!

Education in childhood - keep this in mind!

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Here the summer, families with young children spend their vacations at waterfront place many times. Children don't come out of the water all day, so the question is, is it time to learn to fall?

Today, it is almost mandatory to go on a baby with a couple of weeks old. And in many kindergartens, there is a faculty to choose from. But when the child comes alive it is an ideal time to learn cognition?

The first step is to love the water

András Oláh has been educating his profession for several decades. He says that if you start your education too early and your child is still immature in the task, he or she may be overwhelmed with water for a lifetime. "The aim of the baby is to make the baby happy to love the water, to feel safe in this environment, to spend time with parents, and to have no positive results with them. for true education, here's the essence of reassuring your baby that you don't have to worry about water. "Even if your baby hasn't bathed before, it's still the first step to enjoy the water, the pool, the swimming pool area.

Education in childhood - keep this in mind!

Better shorter than first

Andrb's experience shows that he is around At the age of five years will have a child mature enough to participate in the event. "Of course, it also depends on one's own knowledge of when to go for a fall, but practice shows that in their mid-life, they can pay attention enough to understand the tasks. that you do not understand what you want it to, and it kills you if you are unable to perform certain exercises. what kind of movement you can most effectively accomplish the requested movement. The point is that the child finds fun in the pool, and it does not matter whether it is first or only eight years in the swimming pool. "

Choose an educator, don't swim!

Of course, comfort considerations play an important role in choosing a swimming pool, that is, getting as close to your home as possible. However, if we can, we should rather select the educated person first. "One you are educated defines your relationship with water for a lifetime, "explains Andras." It is important for an educator who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and has many years of experience in educating children. The other important aspect is that the parent constantly asks for feedback from the child after the urn. If your child feels the pool is too big, or the water is too cold, too many of the children next to him, or any negative perception during the education, they need to change. If the negative hanging on a child for too long can affect the adult's age. The key to learning is to learn to navigate safely in the water, a strange medium for them, just like on the dry ground. "