3 exciting books for kids

3 exciting books for kids

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Do you know Mr Fluffy Socks? Or have you ever met dinosaurs coming from the larynx? Get to know these magical creatures!

Alex T. Smith: Claude in the Circus (16 pages, for 3-4 year olds)

In this funny and exciting tale, Claude, a puppy not too ordinary, wanders around the park when he suddenly finds himself in a circus scene - or rather, he is saddened by a tiny dance. And yet, adventures are over: With your best friend, Fluffy Socks, you throw cake at each other and cheer for the word of community!

Berg, Judit: Two Little Din in Budapest (Illustrated by Csilla Kхszeghy, 96 pages, 3-5 years old)

Tricky and Nyamm, the two little dinets come to Budapest with a fat-stomach train, where they face countless dangers: they are attacked by a blood-thirsty cat, they are avoided by a sad car, and a terrier is attacked. Or else? Fortunately, Matyi, a duo of duo writers, helped them navigate our world. During the adventures, you get to know the school life, the sights of the city, and even get a class trip…

Lila Prap: Dinуk ?! (Illustrated by the author, 36 pages, for 5-10 year olds)

Once upon a time, a hen found a book to learn that birds were descendants of these strange creatures. The hen, the cock, and the chicks are scrolling through the book, and they will be terribly proud of the fact that, for millions of years, their peers have ruled the world. They realize that the existence of anything tiny and insignificant, a lot of random, and the importance of knowing the story, because everyone is part of a larger whole, nature is a great work.
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