While we're sniffing, the big one is dead

While we're sniffing, the big one is dead

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You know the situation when the guy makes you go after the first celebration, and you run around with the kid too hot. It turned out: rightly so, according to the latest research, men really suffer more when they get cold. At least the men ...

Researchers have shown that women have twice as many white blood cells as men, and so the female immune system it can overcome it more effectively infections like men. So, if a guy is lying down for the first sniff, it's not just simulated. Queen Mary University Researcher infected experimental mice and rats with different pathogens to test their immune systems. The amount of white blood cells in the lungs and the stomach that are used to protect the body against infections has been tested.

The big one is in the fish…

More effective protection

Leading the research dr. Ramona Scotland he said, I was surprised to see the women twice as many white blood cells was like believers. As the cells began to analyze behavior, they also realized that not only are they more numerous, but the white cells of the female give a more powerful response to bacteria and other causes and effects. And what's more, they do not release as much from immune-stimulating compounds. The release of these intermediates causes us to feel poorly in the fight against infections. Research in Blood also revealed that female mice and rats were all infections tested. So we can joke about male flu, but science seems to have a real gender difference.