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This autumn, you can protect your child

This autumn, you can protect your child

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School and kindergarten, early mornings, rainy, damp days. In many ways, this is synonymous with numbness, coughing, drooping nose, and malaise.

How to Protect Your Kid from Autumn Season (photo: iStock)If we are healthy and varied throughout the year, our body will be prepared in time for the changing weather and the virus and bacilli that proliferate. But should not the aggуdni nyбri bхsйges zцldsйg- йs gyьmцlcskнnбlat elmъlбsбval the хsz patikбja also biztosнt szбmtalan lehetхsйget the egйszsйges tбplбlkozбsra. "The egйszsйges йs vбltozatos tбplбlkozбs йvszaktуl fьggetlenьl hozzбjбrul egйszsйgi бllapotunk megхrzйsйhez and helyreбllнtбsбhoz. Minйl vбltozatosabb the nyersanyagellбtottsбgunk йs ezбltal the tбplбlkozбsunk, annбl we are more likely to cover the main diets with vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances that are essential for the healthy functioning of our body, "he said. Wolher Veronica, a dietitian at the Buda Health Center.

Why is it important to follow a healthy, varied diet throughout the year?

  • The vбltozatos, egйszsйges йtrenddel and megfelelх folyadйkbevitellel a alapbetegsйgek elхfordulбsa csцkkenthetх well as the pйldбul szйkrekedйs, йs the ebbхl adуdу egyйb betegsйgek kialakulбsa as aranyйr, colorectal йs vйgbйl kiboltosulбsok the vйgbйlberepedйsek, colorectal and vйgbйldaganatok.
  • Deficiency can result in a variety of deficiency diseases, most of which are caused by inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • Excluding or simply dieting for a longer period of time can lead to more gastrointestinal problems besides deficiency disorders.

How can dieting be varied this fall?

It contains very useful vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the preservation of our health, such as apples, kernels, roasts, grapes, plums, brussels sprouts, broccoli, g Instead of Nasi, we can fly, we can cook a barbecue. These raw materials have a high carotene content, which is a vitamin A supplement. Divine vitamin bomb morning bбrtan a kцrtйs, kivis, almбs-orange smoothie, but hozzбvalуkat нzlйsьnknek megfelelхen kombinбlhatjuk.A tйli tбplбlkozбsunk vбltozatosabbб tйtelйrхl and we ensure elхre pйldбul the kьlцnbцzх zцldsйges lecsуvariбciуk tйlire tцrtйnх befхzйsйvel, gyьmцlcslekvбrok kйszнtйsйvel, gyьmцlcsцk йs zцldsйgek fagyasztбsбval, savanyнtбsбval.

When can you need extra vitamin supplements?

  • In children, during the habituation period and with the onset of colder conditions, the upper and digestive system diseases are more common. To prevent them, it is advisable to prepare and strengthen the immune system beforehand. It is also useful for children and adults to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and foods containing pre- and probiotics, as well as in the beginning of the autumn season.
  • Starting in the fall season, as the number of sunny cavities decreases, it is worth taking care of our recommended vitamin D supplementation.
  • Supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids is not only for the autumn, but for the whole year, since the Hungarian population has a very low consumption of raw materials and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids.
"The vбltozatos, kiegyensъlyozott tбplбlkozбs segнt egйszsйgьnk fenntartбsбban. Egйszsйgi important бllapotunk kiemelkedхen rйsze because the emйsztх organ systems megfelelх mыkцdйse. The vбltozatos йtrenddel tцbbek kцzt hozzбjбrulunk the emйsztхrendszer useful baktйriumflуrбjбnak diverzitбsбhoz, thus we know nцvelni the ellenбllуkйpessйgьnket as well, which is хszi, tйli idхszakban high useful in preventing a variety of diseases. This autumn there is a relatively large choice in terms of greens and fruits, so there are many sources of vitamin A available.
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