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If the baby was born in the sign of VZZNTХ (I. 21. - II. 18.)

If the baby was born in the sign of VZZNTХ (I. 21. - II. 18.)

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You can be a real joke master who, with his good humor, his original ideas and his immediacy, can make you feel good from a very small age.

If your baby was born with the VZZНNTХ sign

What he wants is done he can fight persistently, be it to recover a rubber mousetrap out of your bike or to power the jigsaw puzzle bunks. But this is something that sometimes happens it can be overly stubborn: For example, if you want to stay with your parents for a long time, or if you spend time deciding not to put on shoes, it is not easy to talk about the right solution. Without giving any reason, commanding our respect, we generally only make things worse, but sometimes we can "persuade" them if we succeed in making them laugh. When you get what you want, your inquiries can suddenly turn to full force in another direction than the vehemence you were aiming for.Lovers of permanent baby care are light, and it is important to allow them to age properly. You want to try new things, so if you don't want to be disciplined all the time, let's give him or her more interesting activities that can help you learn new things. Although most kids in Winnipeg can have fun alone, they are all good for a good chat and a pleasant social day. We pay attention to your requests, during public walks, during family programs, or even while away from home, at school, and talk about the things of the world, and if you do, it also means a little bit more fatigue.
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