Szekler "bugs" that die well in late March

Szekler "bugs" that die well in late March

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Every now and then, we all feel like this, we say bankruptcy, we make mistakes, we make mistakes, and we can't even imagine how our child can grow up next to us. However, some minor errors and failures do have a very positive effect.

Have you ever realized that he was utterly bankrupt? Being clueless in adhering to certain principles, trying to follow certain rules, did things not work out the way you imagined them to be? Relax! From time to time, everyone can feel it. Remember that your mood, generally your state of mind, and even how tired you are, can influence how "big" you feel about a mistake.It's okay if sometimes your child doesn't get everything right away In addition, there are many things that you make as a mistake or a bad decision that, in the long run, have a good effect on your child's development!What you feel bad about: your child will experience the consequences of his actions.
Amyrth Sold By: your child learns a lot about what to do and what not to do and how to think ahead and be more careful. "It's natural that you want to protect your child from everything that makes you feel a little sick, but this is one of the most important lessons you need to learn," he says. Brittany Barber Garcia gyermekpszicholуgus.What you feel bad about: you do not respond to the child immediately when he or she interrupts your conversation.
Amyrth Sold By: you teach it with courtesy and patience. "There's nothing wrong with gently reminding your child that no matter how important your message is, it's not okay to interrupt others," he says. Bobbi Wegner clinical psychologist.What you feel bad about: you do not clean and pack afterwards.
Amyrth Sold By: It will be flatter. "There is never enough time for a child to participate in the household. The earlier he or she acquires the abilities needed for the household, the more natural it will be to help them. or just to dust a port, "he says Stacy Haynes pszicholуgus.What you feel bad about: your kid's doing all the "dangerous" stuff.
Amyrth Sold By: you will increase your confidence. When a baby learns to come, he or she can fall dozens of times before being able to stand on his or her feet. But the more you practice, the more confident you are. Any activity that requires caution, honesty, and practice requires the same purpose. "Cycling across borders, cycling, skating, and skating helps to increase a child's confidence. Overwork, on the other hand, can make a child anxious," he says. Mary Beth Somich pediatrician and family therapist.What you feel bad about: you do not plant it immediately after school to do a lesson.
Amyrth Sold By: helping your child relax and concentrate. Many times, counselors have heard that it is good to do the homework right away when the child comes home from school, because it is still "fresh" and then relaxing. However, the opposite may be the opposite. "At school, the kids have to concentrate all day long, and they can really get tired of duluth. We just let them play, move, do things that other types of people need to talk about. children will be more relaxed and emotionally relaxed, they will probably have to beg for less to sit down to learn, "he says. dr. Vanessa Lapointe pszicholуgus. (via)Also worth reading:
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