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A little accidentPoci's story

A little accidentPoci's story

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In our wedding story, Poci rides a beautiful sunny day. However, the bicycle sometimes rolls too fast…

On a summer dune, the golden rays of the sun attracted all children in the neighborhood to the park. The baby noise filled the small space. The little ones and the boys were rocking and sanding. But there was someone who wanted to run or ride a bike. Poci was just checking out his new bike in the park.
- Be careful! Mom warned her little boy.
- All right! the answer sounded.
Poci, for one, got into riding a bike, riding the wind.
- Slower! Slower! Mom shouted.
But Pocit was not a little interested in Mom's words. He thought he was kind and confident.
- Mom! Look how fast I am! he shouted as he twirled between the children riding the bike.
At one point, the new bike rolled down a slope. Poci really enjoyed the speed.
At the foot, Sari and Zhufi pushed the stroller.
- Uh, yeah! I can't stop it! Poci thought, closing his eyes in fright.
The bike moved on, straight up to Sibri. Poci kicked the baby up on his bike and they both found themselves on the ground. Sari ran harshly to her mother because her hands were very painful. Poci's mom also ran to the little boy lying on the ground.
- Show me where the fuck is? Mother asked worriedly.
"My nose," Poci showed her bloody nose. Mom carefully wiped the wound with a paper handkerchief.
- Soldier! Mom consoled her little boy when he realized that the problem wasn't serious.
- Very sorry! - Poci jumps.
- Come on, let's see what happened to Sbar! Mother gave birth. But the Sabers weren't anywhere.
"The bruised hand broke and went home," said Zhufi's mom.
Mom leaned over to her little boy, "Don't fuck!" Fortunately, not much is a problem, but when cycling you have to pay attention to others. You should only go so fast that you can always stop.
Poci began to cry bitterly. - I'm so sorry. Oh, I'm sorry, Sara!
The blond little boy was crying inconsolably.
- Come on, let's go home! Mom said, and comforted her boyfriend all night.
Poci was very sad in duluth. He sat comfortably beside the play-ball when the top of the ball lifted, and Hipp and Hopp, the two-man, came over.
- Why are you locking your nose? they asked, turning to the little boy.
Poci told me sadly what happened in the park.
- Visit Sara and apologize. - suggested the man.
Toci ran into the kitchen.
- Mom, can I give Sara the chocolate I got from my grandmother?
- Of course. Your way. It's up to you to decide what you do with it, Mom said.
- Take it to Saba to forgive me. Poci said.
Mom brought a red ribbon from the treasure box. They knit Masnit for their "sorry gifts" and set off for the House of Wings. Becsцngettek. Sarah's mother opened the door.
- We brought this to Saba. I hope your hands don't hurt very much - Mom.
- I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry! Poci said softly, and he thought so cleanly.
- There is nothing wrong! the answer sounded.
The bruises were slowly picking up. Poci rode his bike more carefully and made sure not to cause any more accidents.