Why is the "Mixture Era" important?

Why is the "Mixture Era" important?

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It is easier to scold educational institutions than to look at ourselves. However, what a child brings home from home is much more determined. Even in the "Mixture", the parent has an important mission and has a great responsibility.

Why Era: Take the Wood and Answer All Your Questions As We Know

Before my first child reached the age, I was really expecting frappable child requests to fill the house. Legally, this era has arrived, and after a couple of weeks I have wondered why a lot of moms consider this to be very fat. Because it really is. One request cannot be short-circuited; one answer will close another request. And, of course, a couple of kids don't take into account that mum is just tired, frustrated, drives, watches over something else. And not primarily for what we choose for him, but because he learns how to be interesting, to ask questions, and to get more and more information through thinking. It simply results in a world image that, through inquiries, the world can be discovered, there is no need to be afraid of the unknown, because it is known / known. to flutter the cast. This is unfortunately the case in most places, but if we bring all our disapproval to the school, the situation will not change either. have your child. Well, for example, you can encourage your child to ask calmly at home from a very young age. And questions are always answered normally, satisfactorily, and of course at the child's level. If there is no way to do that in a given situation, then you can say to him, "I don't have time to answer that, but remember, we'll look back at it, right?" And let's get back to it! In fact, I think so it is very important that we acknowledge if we do not know something: "Hыha, this is really a good request. I can't answer that suddenly. But you know what? Let's see it afterwards!" (I am quiet to note, if your child thinks that with the help of the internet, he / she can also learn what the internet is really about, not just online games and social sites). if you are kind enough to give your child a response to his or her requests, the school will be less able to start the curious nature. But if you are discouraged to ask at home, you will quit asking at school. However, the right question to ask is the essence of learning. Because if a child says what he or she wants to know, the answer is probably important and he or she will remember it better. Sugata Mitra, created by the renowned psychologist, School in the Cloud, for example, puts children's questions like "Why do we have hair?", "Where do people come from?" бlmodnak? " etc. So in this case too, as so often, it is up to you to determine what your child will bring from home, and what kind of motivation he or she starts with. Of course, it is easier to scold the school and the curriculum, but it is much more useful to look inside ourselves and look for a solution (or at least part of it). If we, parents, do our best, we can let our children go with their conscience. And what genius and memorable "why" have your child asked you? You can also meet the author's comments here: Csupa Szнv Magazine, FB pageMore articles in this era:


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