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Where is the time when the newborn woman was almost stretched on the bed, when her doctor came in an unexpected distance in the medicine room, and occasionally peeked under the shroud,

Nowadays, babies do not like the role of the big white wizards, they have become much more friends with their mother. In the harbors where the great miracle of life comes, where the babies come to life, there have also been changes in the universe. There are no decontaminated corridors, vanished washrooms, cluttered lounges, cracked plaster walls.
The new building of St. Imre's Hospital, which cost seven billion forints, was sold this January. On the fourth floor is the Department of Birth, headed by Professor dr. Rбkуczi Istvn.
The Doctor does not conceal his pride as he leads his "realm".
"We had a look at how to make birth, and I hope it will be seen in the end result," he says. - We were able to create a friendly, cozy environment where even the pregnant mom enters the room with anxiety that hasn't broken into her life.


A few years ago, the alternative birth wording for yoga meant that the mother wanted to bring the baby home at home. However, time has raised this notion, and nowadays it is also in the alternative category if someone has decided to go out on a baby bed and not give birth to a tramp before the baby cries.
"Today, let's put it this way: alternative parenting is any action that best meets the needs of a parent woman," says the professor. - It does include the classic form, but also if you want to be born in a pool. When the class is formed, we pay attention to every little detail - here you can walk the baby if you like, bathe in the jacuzzi, do some exercises on the purple wall, better, there is a possibility.
Given my age, I still knew the "horizontally extended" method. And I don't have any good memories ...
- This form is the most uncomfortable and impotent - the doctor says - just in the advanced stage, the force of the non-human is not insignificant, so the mother needs much more energy to bring forth the fetus.
It turns out that it would have been better to rely on nature because, from an ancient age, mothers knew what it was like to birth: they made suitable baby chairs (many of them could be used at that time), and they recorded that they were spreading.
- Say the horizontal position was formed during the time of the Sunshine, when the Lover of the Space wanted to keep an eye on her birth. He might have been a burden if he had had to take a closer look at it, so he "invented it": Errin extends the problem nicely on the bed.
And the doctors liked the method, and for a long time, they kept to the habit.
- What a pregnant mother wants and our opportunities give her a shot, we accomplish everything. Even if you want to be born in the water. Although three people tried to do this during the last five years, this technique was not widespread. There's definitely something extravagant in it, but the price is higher.


Interestingly, a large proportion of the animals that spend almost their entire lives in the water tend to get dry land by the time they are born. So, for example, a cat, or even a boy, "who", when the time comes, turns to the surface, turns to the back, and brings his baby to life.
At St. Imre's Hospital, the birth department stands for: All forms of childbirth that do not compromise the safety of the mother and the fetus.
- And if you want to get the help of a mother outside, that is why in many cases there are poles who have helped a pregnant mother during her pregnancy. And nowadays we can choose not only a doctor but also a baby - but unfortunately we are very poor in this field, we do not have enough births to solve the whole process of birth without any problems. We will have 1300 "births" last year and 1600 at this time, and it is impossible that many moms will be "born" at the same time. Which means "you can't have a baby born with every single woman" unless you are lucky enough to have the space alone - and then there are no others.
They take great care not to let a pregnant mother stay alone for a minute - if she is not a baby, the family will help with the difficult minutes. And that is why it is very important, because the statistics show that "lonely" buttercups have to be used more often for conceiving a pregnant mother than for those who have been helped. I also find out that this class does not count homeopathic remedies either.
- Why should we do that? says the professor impatiently. - Get to know them and use these agents with pleasure, as they have an excellent mechanism of action during the time of birth. For example, there are also mixers that change the position of the rear-facing child - which is definitely an advantage. There will be no need for intervention, the pregnant mother will not wear out, and the child will come to the world with ease. There is also a big fear: those working at St. Imre's Hospital are very keen to have a birth center in the area of ​​the hospital. It would still be more cozy, comfortable, and not directly connected to other institutions of the hospital, but close enough to the immediate expulsion of any pregnant woman. Today, there is a global trend: birth should not be a medical event, but a social event in the mother's life. Pregnancy is not a disease, tummy-eyed women do not have to hide their burden anymore and can wear it proudly and emphatically.


Doctor Rбkucz's "favorite" is the wall room on the pink wall, which is designed by Monet.
- You can choose between these - we have a room painted in yellow, blue, and green, and the little mom often wonders which one to choose when things go down in the parent's room.
I admit that I liked blue better than pink, but since there is an alternative birth method, there is still room for it. The 21st-century living room has no hippy smell or crowded - intimate atmosphere. A baby does not rush with a born child, God knows where to take care of her, the baby sees the baby being washed, crushed, and the baby, if it is already an active spirit, can save the child.
And then constantly. Unless you have a problem, the babies in this class are with the little ones.
Adrienn and her husband are preparing for childbirth. Joseph jokes, tries to distract her, and caresses her in the difficult minutes.
"It took me a lot to have my son," Adrienn says. "He was impressed with how carefully he lifted Benci into his arms!" As if we weren't in a townhouse, the environment was intimate and unfamiliar. Bence's birth remains an unforgettable memory for both of us.
"We give our baby a lot of comfort," says Vera Kecskemét. - The windows have a frothy curtain on the windows, and the yellow shade still tosses the sunlight back into the room, even with the sun set. There is a tiny baby handout where little babies can try out the first bath. On the French bed you can get married to support each other, help during your time of birth, and there is a huge Jacuzzi tub, a purple wall and a slush. What's not unlike medieval hands - basically a tiny bit that is middle-pierced, only supports the thighs, difficult minutes.

Nasal prints on the glass

A mыtхt dr. This is presented by Olga Kуnyi.
- This gives me hope, concern for everyone - we had to create an environment where very medical equipment would almost disappear. We were made to choose not to set up a hijacked, hyper-modern, telecommuting tool, but one where fear disappears.
And the door to the windows is glassy - the worried dad can see what's going on inside without having to walk the cigar in the corridor. At most, the cleaners have a bit more to do to clean the glass and sometimes the nose traces!
Visiting this hospital is free too - at least it was like opening. Then the little ones decided to arrogate - to set the limit for the great holiday.
- From morning until late evening, the fathers, relatives, mother and father, friends, bosses and co-workers have arrived. First of all, the little mother who had the right to see the baby was told she was waiting for the rest of us to wait until we could go home! says the littermate.
Happy moms come home from here with their children on their arms. And don't forget about the house. There are tables on the walls of the classroom, with lots of sweet little girls and boys with pictures - and rows of thanks.