Long weekends in 2017

Long weekends in 2017

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How can you design family programs? We help you collect which weekends you can take advantage of this time!

Now you can find out when to plan your trips!

Are you planning a trip, a visit? What will be your ideal holiday for organizing these?March 15, 2017 Wednesday, national holidayApril 14, 2017 puns, big pins, pre-easter pennies (long weekends)April 17, 2017 Monday, Easter Monday, the first day of the week following Easter Sunday (long weekend)May 1, 2017 Monday, Labor Day (long week)June 5, 2017 htf, htf htf (long week)August 20, 2017 Sunday, State Feast of King St StephenOctober 23, 2017 htf, anniversary of the 1956 revolution (long weekend)November 1, 2017 Wednesday, All Saints (long weekends)December 24, 2017 Sunday, Christmas Eve, rest dayDecember 25, 2017 hi, ChubbyDecember 26, 2017 tuesday, christmas dayWorking days will not be available as currently known, because there is no Tuesday or Thursday holiday that would set off a working day with the weekend.


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