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What is the difference between nutrition and room cleanliness?

What is the difference between nutrition and room cleanliness?

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How can you make both go easy? What is one thing that both characterize and can be applied to other areas of your education?

What is the difference between nutrition and room cleanliness?

I have never had any engraved parenting principles, I have always tried to steer my babies according to the personality of my children, our family habits, and to some extent the environment. However, I insisted on one thing, although I never formulated a pretzel. I wanted to see no tension and no bad condition for my kids' input and output. That is, for food and for toileting.I would have liked (and still do) to be entertaining and conscious and be natural. And all of these can be established at the start of a diet and at a party routine.Unfortunately, there are many adults who have all kinds of eating disorders, food allergies or other digestive problems, and this can often lead to them. Just one personal example: I tend to eczema myself, which is not good for cow's milk and dairy products. When I was a kid, my parents - from a strong mercy - pushed cow's milk, because at the time, "my advertisement" said milk life, strength, health, because my grandparents had a cow, and then "that is not true," . Needless to say, eczema hit me, it lasted for years and I didn't become asymptomatic. My grandfather is very much like me, he is also eczema-prone, he doesn't like milk. I don't force it. I think that's it the most important guideline: do not force anything! Neither is it hurting or hurting. Of course, you can try to cook a meal once or twice, even if your kid doesn't like it, but if it doesn't, don't force it. Will try again in a couple of weeks. If you still don't like it, don't force it. Maybe your organization knows better than you what you need. (Just to say softly: your own body knows well what you need, you just need to understand your answers.) I used to follow the same principle of party: don't force anything! One of my children became a housekeeper at 2 years, the other at 2 and a half years, the third at 3 years old. But each of them took almost a couple of days to recover and I can count an accident in my hand as many times as I had an accident while sleeping. Anyway, I think that the kids' nervous system is simply waking up to the need for a pee / poop stimulus to go to the toilet. And this process of writing is not worthwhile and should not be interfered with. be patient, let go of your worries (But after all, the child of a neighbor is clean at home! Well, all the kids evolve at me!) And have fun with their age. The blogger has his own page here:
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