11 Things to Do Only if You Want to Annoy Your Kid!

11 Things to Do Only if You Want to Annoy Your Kid!

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For all sorts of reasons, people under the age of three can believe in it, and it is strange to have a few people quietly passing by. This list is for those who are still looking for a challenge.

If you want to annoy the kid

1. Do not add biscuits, yogurt, pudding or toast to your lunch. say it will be healthy for you, because you are a big boy / big one, and put a big stick of green leaves on your tray.2. Turn on the parent when just end of your favorite story. Or turn it off when it just started, because it was already three minutes longer than the day you were scheduled to die.3. When you have done everything you want to avoid jumping out of the shopping cart when you are shopping, go back to the butcher desk and enter the lightweight queue a little Parisian for a neighbor lady! Don't let your small engine want to cross the funeral path when you're on the playground. Get in the stroller, so enjoy it redheaded head push the stomach out while the car wheels bounce on the tram.5. Go to the mall to go to the playground after discussing that you are not losing anything, just going around to see what to ask for your next birthday. And really do not buy anything.6. Don't let the toss of the other kid's face toss in the sand in your head. Also, wash your hands before penetrating the sachet. And then, since he doesn't play with him now, add your favorite vat for a small toddler.7. Don't let him push your phone back and forth just because he is just bored with the word in front of the kid's room. In fact, after finishing three times, put it away to your friend and say you took the kitten.8. Don't start moving in time just when you are he is so tired that he stumbles the blaze. It is best to clean it before shaking the half cabinet (because it's too cold), and when your voice is short of sleep, keep it safe for your childhood.9. Don't pick it upwhen you are two meters away from you because you need to lower the flame just below the cookers. But you can tell her you're going to another room now because your phone is ringing, but she's not taking her with you.10. Remember that they may have turned on the dishwasher most recently, and so it is their sole right to do so. Turn it on! But possibly apparently do itto avoid distraction.11. Tell him really bad things. For example, she can't go out into the yard. Or you can't plug your finger into a power outlet. But it is also effective if you ask that you do not skip the diaper before trying to clean it for the sixth time.
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