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Baby food polluted with mercury and arsenic recalled by Nebih

Baby food polluted with mercury and arsenic recalled by Nebih

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Mercury and arsenic have been detected in Ham's wet swab. They are destined for more domestic business than tuna products enriched with vegetables and potatoes.

Baby food contaminated with mercury and arsenic is recalled by Nybih (photo: iStock)The Czech authorities showed mercury and arsenic in Hab's wet sweat. They are destined for more domestic business than tuna products with vegetables and potatoes. The affected Member States reported the results of the test through RASFF. Nebih immediately contacted the affected companies in the country and made sure that all companies had withdrawn their products from the market. Due to the swift action, the lack of marked 2019 production is no longer available in trade. In the meantime, the company also withdrew further Ham's tuna products from the market.
Product details:
  • Baby Ham Ham - Tuna with Green Potatoes PT 190g - 5 hrs
  • Baby Ham Ham - Tuna with red lentils and pennies PT 190g - 10 hу
  • RASFF Reference Number 2019.3598
According to a risk assessment by the Czech authorities, the recommended amount of tuna to be consumed is one glass per week, so the company removes its products from the shelves and supplements its name to the human body. Its most important toxic effect is on the kidneys, the liver and the central nervous system. Organic mercury compounds (such as methylmercury) are significantly more toxic than inorganic ones. Methylmercury is the main source of dietary intake for fish, and is also the main source of intake for fish and other seafood. Among the foods in fish and other seafood are the less toxic organic arsenic compounds. The main sources of inorganic arsenic intake are cereal-based foods, rice, dairy products, and ivory. There is a strict limit on the maximum permitted arsenic content of drinking water in our country.
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