Boost Your Child's Immune System Tips for Preventing Winter Diseases

Boost Your Child's Immune System Tips for Preventing Winter Diseases

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Cold winds, rainy days, chubby boots, hungry children. With the arrival of the winter months, the morbidities are becoming more common in the little ones, because their ability to develop is not so advanced.

So boost your kid's immune system

The doctor at the Czeizel Institute told me how to prepare our baby's immune system for the cold season. Preparing adults and children for health kezdхdik. The right quality and quantity of sleep is a key factor in protecting against laxatives. THE lucrative sleep Personally dependent: there is a child who needs up to 8-9 hours of rest, while others need sleep for up to 10-11 hours. daily exercise also vital to health, this can be combined with staying in the open air; even half a day moving in the cold is not worth it, but its positive effects can be felt immediately. Also pay attention to airflow, and in the winter, ventilate your home to avoid colonization of different viruses and bacteria. Regular and generous fluid intake it is just as important as it is in summer, and we count sugar sugary drinks once and for all in our seedlings' diets. йtkezйsьkre Also keep in mind: Seasonal greens and fruits are an essential part of the immune system's diet, but there are many other foods we can work on. It is important that you mainly use ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, such as greens, fruits, stone fruits, oilseeds and germs. The germ contains concentrated substances found in plants, giving it unique immuno-boosting effect. sauerkraut and it is a direct prize among vitamin C sources because it is rich in minerals and because of its high fiber content it effectively cleanses the intestines. Non-alcoholic propolis formulations, and garlic and other onion species all have strong bacterial, viral, and fungicidal properties, so they can help prevent major problems. In addition, you should not forget about proper white and carbohydrate intake. " healthy flea in their development and maintenance, they may help pre-probiotics, which maintain the balance of the natural intestinal flora, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the body. On the other hand, probiotic treatment is a good idea to start with before your child is put in the community, so you can more effectively prevent the onset of the disease in your patients, "he says. Dr. Karoliny Anna, a gastroenterologist at the Czeizel Institute, who says it's important to maintain adequate vitamin C and D intake when it comes to healthy lifestyles. " According to the Hungarian child, the level of vitamin D in children is 20-40% low or very low, so it is important to have adequate vitamin supplementation in the winter period. throw a used handkerchief in the trash can, put your hand in front of our face at Easter, wash our hands, and teach these children as well, "says the expert. k to a pediatrician who will refer you to the appropriate specialist after the examination, if necessary.Related articles about the child's immune system:
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