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5 risk factors that can cause premature birth

5 risk factors that can cause premature birth

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In our country, babies are about 8.5 percent premature. There are some who are under the age of one and some who can face up to life-long struggles for permanent disease.

5 risk factors that can cause premature birth

However, by recognizing the most common risk factors and signs of early childhood, however, it is possible to avoid malfunctioning, so it is important to know what to look out for during your pregnancy, as of February 8, 2016 and September. Unfortunately, thousands of deaths have also resulted in an average mortality, which is one of the main causes of premature birth, with a fall in the number of babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy and less than 2500 grams. they may suffer more permanent damage, because of their inability to adapt to the world due to impotence: most often ventricular haemorrhage, pruritus, dyspnoea, blindness, deafness, severe infections. In many cases, the causes of premature birth are unknown, and unfortunately, the risk cannot be completely eliminated, but there are a few signs and triggers that can often be overlooked, "he says. Dr. Zsolt Tidrenczel, a clinical geneticist at Czeizel Institute and a specialist in gynecology.


As a general rule of thumb, it is important to detect and treat vaginal infections early because they can prevent premature birth. It is recommended in the framework of family planning, even before conception, such sexually transmitted diseases szыrйse It is recommended that the couple use a condom during pregnancy to prevent and treat both members of the couple and to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases.

Careful passions

Avoidance of alcohol, unconsciousness and smoking should be avoided during pregnancy. "During pregnancy, the mother and the fetus live in symbiosis: inhibits the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the bedding, which can be premature and result in premature birth, "the doctor explains.

Pregnancy Toxemia

The disease, previously referred to as pregnancy toxicity, is the second most common cause of pregnancy: it can be recognized by a combination of high blood pressure and white urine. The mettle at this time unable to supply sufficient quantities of nutrients and oxygenwhich adversely affects the development of the fetus. "It is good news that the risk of pregnancy toxemia in the first trimester can be significantly reduced and prevented by significantly reducing the risk of developing the disease."


Generally speaking, the more spontaneous or miscarriages a woman has, the greater the chances that her future baby will be born prematurely. Earlier births have to be taken into account: according to some data the risk of recurrence may be 25-50 percent!


Constant internal tension and nervousness can contribute to complications during pregnancy, miscarriage, and premature birth. If too many disturbed events occur or you maintain a stressed state, the amount of stress hormone begins to increase, resulting in a thicker concussion. Therefore, it is very important for the pregnant mother to relax as often as possible enough time to relax: You can help with a relaxing walk, exercise gym or meditation to regain peace of mind.Related Articles in Early Issues:
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