Pбndy Kбlmбn Kуrhбz, Gyula

Pбndy Kбlmбn Kуrhбz, Gyula

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Even in the most south-eastern part of our country, they anticipate changes: they believe that the process of transformation and transformation will begin this year.

During our visit there are several births and cesarean sections, which are also attended by the Head of Department, so dr. Jurdi Imad Head Doctor guide.
- Our "smooth" room is a three-room, two-room intensive room for pathology and premature birth, and there is also an aesthetic surgery - introduced by the head doctor. - You can expect a change in birth in the near future. The plans are ready: we will have a single bedroom. We have a parenting course, and since the early '90s, there have been papal births. One person can be present in the parent: the father or someone else, even if this is the mother's wish. With a cup, the father stays in the foreground, after the highlight, the baby's hood examines the baby, and the father can watch it on the screen. In the case of a smooth birth, the expectant mother can spend the observation time with the couple and the baby.
- After childbirth, the needles, the heartbeat and the eye drops stop. After a little while, the little one is laid on the mother's chest, and then gets pregnant and gets the mother back to breastfeed so she can start milk production as soon as possible, says chief doctor Jurdi. He will lead us to the maternity ward. "We have two, three, four and penthouse gyms, of which the penthouse is rooming-in," he shows. - Highly equipped room, called the single-paid gym, where the father can be inside. This family room is like a home: warm colors, beautiful textiles, friendly atmosphere. "Today, the newborns are mostly with their newborns," explains the chief physician, "and this is part of the changes we are making."
"Sometimes moms don't need rooming," says Ilona Várradiné Zsoldos, a baby boy. - We take the babies home three times, but they can come sooner. All babies have their own pacifiers with water because we think they are thirsty for two breastfeeding.The first one or two get fluids in space because we think the mothers don't have enough forebears to have it. The baby crib is checked every day and calculated on the basis of his / her birth day and weight, and if he / she is not breastfeeding, he / she is supplemented with milk. We also help with breastfeeding, milking, breast milk, and have breastfeeding for moms at home. The hospital guardian teaches you how to care for children and gives you good advice to take your mothers home.
Facts and figures:
The number of births in 2010: 942
The cuttings ratio is 38 percent
Currently, there is a three-bedroom living room, an intensive two-bedroom living room and an asterisk.
There is a chair, a ball, a rib wall.
You can bring music to your living room.
Parenting is possible.
Pregnancy Pathology, PIC works in the hospital.
Shaving is a routine method of shaving almost every first birth.
A three-room gym is rooming-in, the other traditional system.
There is a paid, highly equipped single room.
A visit to the designated place and time will take place in the birthing room on the third floor from 9 am to 5 pm.
Newborns can be viewed through a video system by interested family members, but can also be personally viewed by the father's father locally.


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