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5 + 1 Tips for Starting Old Games!

5 + 1 Tips for Starting Old Games!

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If you feel like you're going to be overwhelmed by the games, it's time to get rid of it! We'll tell you what your options are!

1. Box in!

Good quality games can serve generations. The Lego, the wooden train, the hoops, the storybook don't go wrong. Especially if you are planning on one or two small brothers who They'll be good for old-time games. You will bless your mind if you lose it again and wager on how much money you save so much! If the apartment (or the floor, the garage) is big enough, you might want to keep these toys for decades, thinking of the grandchildren to come!

2. Give it away!

If you don't have the space or the mood for long-term storage, or you think the csn would be better in your home, if you had less fun, put the better pieces online! You can get half the quarter of the original price for it, and you and your buyer are good. Only one I need a photo of you, a brief write-off, and a couple of forints returned to the family cashier in March!

3. Give it a go!

As for the eyes of one, the other is a treasure. I remember my two-legged man when we got a big box of old Mekis play with a friend. It was just a bunch of innocent stuff - but my imprint was occupied for weeks by the discovery of the treasure box. Games that do not represent real value, bring it to another family and you'll find it will be a huge success!

What's clear is that it has a sharp edge, it's painfully nasty to throw it in the trash lightly, though you shouldn't

4. Jogging!

The local library, ward, hospital, medical office all are happy to accept unused games, bored pencils, color and white papers, pencils. These places work with a very tight budget, and they welcome everything they can to make the children happy. And how much cooler is it to leave an order with a Kinder character than with a sticker or a lollipop!

5. Move Into New Clothes!

It may be the child he doesn't want to buy his stuff, but since they don't play with us anymore, they allow you to do something new. If you have no idea, type "reuse old toys" into and you'll be amazed at how much blood you can! You can make a picture frame from an old miniature car, hang it from a plastic animal, make a lamp without any soldiers, or draw water from a donut. How many wonderful ingredients that go into the boxes!


Should I really be trashed? Which It has a sharp edge, it's painfully ugly to throw it in the trash lightly, though you shouldn't. The majority of the games are made of plastic and do not decompose among other wastes. If you want nature, take it to a special collection container where we can process it!
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