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You have lupine allergy

You have lupine allergy

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If you are on a gluten-free diet, you should replace the gluten-free flours in the cooking and cooking rows. There are several products available for this purpose, but they vary in composition.

Lupine or other wolf beanSome of the ingredients include lupine, which often causes discomfort, even with a strict gluten-free diet. Dorothy the Magpie, a nutritionist at the Allergy Center in Buda, summarized what you should know about lupine allergy in your diet.

What is lupine?

Lupine, also known as lupine or wolf bean, belongs to the legume family. The use of lupine flour is mainly used in Mediterranean countries, but because it is a good flour-improving, white-pollinated substance, it is also widely used in the bakery industry. Many people have not heard of it, since it is not consumed on its own, but it is mainly added to gluten-free flour mixes or can be used in ready-to-eat pastries. However, in addition to its beneficial bakery qualities, it should be noted that lupine may induce a hypersensitivity reaction.

You have lupine allergy

Many people think diйtahibбra your first time, since the symptoms are identical to the known tьneteivel йtelallergiбk: csalбnkiьtйs, szбjьregi viszketх йrzйs, lip swelling, hasfбjбs, hбnyinger, hбnyбs, orrfolyбs, szemkцnnyezйs, nehйzlйgzйs, kцhцgйs, sъlyos case йletveszйlyes anafilaxiбs reakciу also occur lupinallergia esetйn. Sensitive star clover plant flowers can also cause allergic skin disorders at any point of contact.

Lupine and other allergies

Cluster allergy can be detected by a blood test; in this case, higher values ​​of IgE antibodies to lupine indicate allergies. It is important to note that ъn. People with high susceptibility to cross-reactions may have to eat lupine foods when they are susceptible to other pods (such as allergy to peanuts or peanuts). If lupine allergies are confirmed, food and food containing lupine should no longer be consumed.

What to consider in a lupine-free diet?

Lupine is among the 14 significant allergens. Since December 2014, lupine has to be added to the names of prepackaged foods and non-prepacked products, as well as in the concept of loyalty. The products are packed with bold, underlined or italics in the product packaging. Before buying, it is important to always look at the label, and if lupine or lupine (usually this two term is useful) are among the ingredients, do not buy this product in case of allergies - explains. Allergies can also be numbered, such as 1 for gluten, 7 for milk, lupine (similar to soybeans, celery and mustard allergens) for 6. If a cow is allergic to products besides the product number 6, choose another.

Where can I find lupine?

The food industry has many uses for lupine, fiber, flour and protein in foods. In addition to gluten-free flour mixes and pastries It can also be found in ice creams, cups, sausages, tofu, fat and white products, cereal bars and dietary supplements.

How can I replace it?

There are several types of gluten-free flours, so it's worth trying out which one to buy. Many times they are improved with fiber kernels, buckwheat flour or bamboo fiber instead of lupine, and they can be treated with lupine. In addition to the luster, other components can also be problematic, which is a function of individual sensitivity. Rarely, but occasionally, corn or potatoes cause complaints, for example. If more than one ingredient is banned for you, it is worth asking a dietitian to help you adjust your entire diet. The practitioner can also help with well-established recipes and practical tips on raw materials that may not have been used before, which is a great relief at the beginning of the diet.Related articles in Food Allergy:
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