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Allergy - Everything you need to know about roula

Allergy - Everything you need to know about roula

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If your head is over a ragweed, do you shut your door, your window, your flight to a cellar, a cave, or travel to distant mountains? Allergies have become morbid, and it's no wonder that prevention has been at the center of interest.

Lack of precaution can help prevent allergies

I'm allergic to it! - say everything we have enough to get rid of. And in real money, there are a lot of allergies that our body can respond to with hypersensitivity: for flower powder, cat hair, cow's milk, eggs, flea sickness, house dust mite on honeycomb, mold mushroom asparagus, nickel button, preservative, coloring, medicine. Yes, even one to the other, since we often find that asthmatic cough, a seizure attack, is even more severe if you continue to get nervous in the middle. At this point, with wildly blinded scams, we really feel so gorgeous that allergy is, in the sense of being carried over and in the currency, the central concern of our everyday lives.

Serious or just unpleasant?

Most cases of allergies are non-fatal, but at all ages an allergic reaction can be called anaphylactic shock in the form of. This is a life-threatening condition, an allergic reaction that affects the body as a whole and requires immediate medical attention. Most often it can be caused by herbs, foodstuffs, wasps. allergic asthmawhen the disease is affecting the lungs, it can also cause severe symptoms if the patient does not sniff in the urgent spray for the treatment of acute shortness of breath and does not regularly use her previous medications. Also sъlyos the йletminхsйget jelentхsen rontу бllapotot cause of kьlцnfйle, allergiбra visszavezethetх bхrtьnetek as pйldбul the tartуsan fennбllу be egyьtt йlni atуpiбs ekcйma.A tбplбlйkallergiбkkal, but it did not egyszerы the tьnetmentessйg elйrйsйhez szьksйges diйtбk ъgy tarthatуk only occur if the vбsбrlбskor бttanulmбnyozzuk йlelmiszerek Ingredients, and we only eat home-cooked food. Most respiratory allergies occur only during a certain period of the year, but even the following symptoms (congestive nasal congestion, hives, itching) can be extremely unpleasant or discomforting. Are you a nab? - they ask you about the blame hundreds of times a day, while stubbornly stopping it. It is also not exaggerated when, for example, when cooking, ragweed allergy is a constant need for nausea and head and the eyes are barely open. Allergic diseases, even in their mildest form, are quite unpleasant enough to do everything in the interest of prevention or healing.

Chances of prevention

In recent years, this request has come to the forefront of scientific research. The summary compiled from the 2003 European Allergy Congress congratulates the current situation with huge puzzle games, but it is still years before the picture is complete. The allergy family history (father, mother, sibling, grandparents with this type of disease) are still considered decisive factors. Vizsgбljбk that hosszъ szйnlбncъ, entered under terhessйg tцbbszцrцsen telнtetlen zsнrsavak (regular fogyasztбsбval pйldбul fish) or csцkkenti odбzza the allergiбs tьnetek jelentkezйsйt what mйrtйkben х esetьkben.A the age of six hуnapos tartу kizбrуlagos szoptatбs йs the hozzбtбplбlбs уvatos megkezdйse the most important tovбbbra count as a prevention method. We need to emphasize exclusivity in particular: it is often in the days after birth unreasonable diet re-initiates small newborn allergic history. Also mentioned are the unfortunately always given too lightly antibiotics.The younger infants you have, the more broad-spectrum antibiotics are given to you without a cause for pressure, because it significantly damages the intestinal fluorescence of beneficial bacteria. The kйt thing цsszefьgg the kisbabбknбl mйg the bйlrendszer the body, which keresztьl allergy megnyilvбnul.A sйrьlt bйlnyбlkahбrtyбn бt because kцzvetlenьl get the baby keringйsйbe kind of foreign fehйrjйk, йs allergiбs tъlйrzйkenysйget eredmйnyeznek - бm the konkrйt tьnetek only jуval kйsхbb the allergйnnel valу when they meet again. This process is called sensitization (that is, sensitive sensation).

Probiotic "protection"

If the mother is already taking probiotic supplements during pregnancy and exclusively breastfeeds the first few months, the beneficial bacteria will settle in the baby's gut and this will be extremely effective.

You're always on the move

We are dealing with countless forms of allergy. In the first year of life, dietary allergy and atopic eczema are the most common. As the years progress and diet is consistently adhered to, dietary allergies generally disappear gradually. Later on, more and more people with allergies - pollens, molds, hair - are becoming more prevalent. This means that the person who has an allergic tendency many types of allergies can develop over the course of one's life, even concurrently,. The severity of the symptoms can also change. Mild coloring can at any time turn into increasingly severe asthma, and house dust mite allergy can relieve itself over time. The root cause of the problem is that the body's immune system, for some reason, reacts sequentially, identifying substances (white) as "adversary intruders" that are not, in themselves, considered dangerous.

What interferes with the security system?

We can read about symptoms that can be called allergies in several hundred yearbooks, but it is certain that in recent decades, especially in developed countries, we can between diets, diet allergies can be seen in 4 to 6 babies, and allergies can increase from 8 in children to 11 in adulthood and in English to 30 in babies. (These data refer to cases diagnosed by a specialist.) You may find that the so-called "civilization effects" are more unfavorable in terms of allergy.Let's see exactly what factors you have: infectious diseases we eliminate the more dangerous vaccines, we fight other diseases with antibiotics, and at the same time we have to cleanse the soils that are sometimes over-heated, The consequence: the immune system does not receive the stimuli (diseases, infections) that are necessary for its natural development, but instead it is shifted to curative control.
Professor Endre Cserhбti and Dr. Gyöngyi Mezei pediatrics in the allergologist's book.- Children who live more than three years, so-called banal infectiously They were also allergic to a much lower rate. In the case of more severe lower respiratory tract infections, this increased the incidence of asthma. Unfortunately, in Western European countries and does not start breastfeeding, and will stop the first two months. This is also a sign of an increase in the incidence of allergic diseases.- Animals in the immediate vicinity of rural children are less likely to suffer from allergies because their immune systems have been able to pollutants they damage the lungs, which consequently have less resistance to severe respiratory infections. This is true for active and passive smoking, and it is an extremely unfortunate risk factor when it comes to the fetus and the baby in development.

Symptomatic treatment and cure

We can avoid some of the allergies, or at least reduce the incidence in our environment. THE parlagfы loose for example, I ask, it is not difficult to redeem it, just do not wait for the flower. Where native vegetation is protected, it usually cannot spread. In places where there are other plants that can not survive, ragweed is a great place to live.It is clear that poratkбk sensitive to your brand, you need to remove dust tooth, lint-free upholstery, carpets from your home, and take great care to wear a lip mask when cleaning. This handy tool is available in drugstores and is also recommended if you want to start pollen allergy for all sorts of whitening or ragweed. (You can get around $ 1,200 at a pharmacy.) For the treatment of allergic allergies, these are the most common symptomatic agents these days. antihistamines. It may take up to two weeks to adjust your dose, so you may want to get the right dose before the start of the allergy season. If the symptoms are serious, you can safely take these drugs while breastfeeding, which will effectively suppress the symptoms.However, the prospects of cure are not overly encouraging. The so-called immunterбpia Injections of the allergy secreted substance are injected into the patient's nasal cavity or by injection. They increase the amount of allergen by a small amount, and in some cases can eliminate the hypersensitivity. The therapy takes two to three years, but only a few allergies are effective.

What are the most common allergies to colds in young children?

It is very difficult to determine the substances that cause allergies in a given child up to the age of 3-4 years. If it can be detected, then it is definitely a pollen leads the line. Nowadays the most common is hбziporatka, after a penйszgombбk next, then that бllatszхr. At this age, it is often the case that the physician is reluctant to perform the treatment solely on the basis of clinical symptoms and cannot rely on specific examination results.

What is an Octopus? Can it develop in association with allergies?

An octopus is a sprouting of the facial and / or nasal mucosa. This can be caused even by untreated allergies, as in this case the mucous membrane is almost constantly inflamedand tends to sprout. If allergies are treated, the octopus may regress within a few months. This condition can be confirmed by CT (computed tomography) or MR (magnetic resonance imaging) examinations. The x-ray image is not suitable for making a good diagnosis. If the octopus does not develop, it is usually removed by surgery.

Why can't dietary allergies be treated with antihistamines like sine can?

There are completely different processes that occur when the symptoms of diet allergy and respiratory allergy occur. The respiratory allergy is targeted to the allergenic sites of well-located mucous membranes and causes the release of histamine-like substances. Antihistamines prevent these reactions by blocking these sites and preventing the release of these substances. Here, too, the problem starts with the mucosa: the permeability of the mucosa changes. But ingested substances cause a wide variety of changes in the body. The only treatment available is to eliminate the allergen from the diet.
Specialist: Dr. Ágely Szekely, pediatrician, specialist in otorhinolaryngology. Useful links: Pollen reporting, anti-ragweed promotions, more photos of plants:
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