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Halloween Program 2017 - The District of Budapest

Halloween Program 2017 - The District of Budapest

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If you are not at home hanging out, painting eggs, buying merry-go-rounds, or a family-wrapped family, you better turn off at Easter. There are countless opportunities in Budapest and in the neighborhood for the long Easter weekend.

You will also find Easter eggs in the programs

Among these, we have selected a few that will surely win you too!

ARC. Halloween Puppet Festival (Budapest)

April 15-17 is the fourth time in the Vajdahunyadvár Easter Puppet Festival. In addition to the delicious pancake bites, you will find other Easter treats. Children will be invited to free manual classes, but there will also be more games and cooking competitions, as well as rabbit petting opportunities. More details on the Baby Festival facebook page.

Easter Bunny in the Railway Park (Budapest)

April 17th is a huge one bunny looking games is expecting the children at the Budapest Ferry Park. Finding the bunny figurines will be more exciting and more traditional programs. In the creative corner you can make festive decorations and, of course, the children can try egg painting as well. More details here.

Sorcerer Hallowe at Bishvsky Theater (Budapest)

On Saturday, April 15, the Bishop's Theater is expecting a special Easter event. How to hang a bыvйszkedйs what is it for Easter? You can find out about the other way around. Older kids will surely love the unusual Easter program. More details on the website.

Spring Train Festival in the Miniversum (Budapest)

The Spring Train Festival offers exciting programs for kids throughout the spring break. A break every day, including during the long Easter season egg searching game expecting the little ones and the big ones, but of course the playhouse and the many craftsmanship also contribute to the playful relaxation of the clouds. There is also a 300-square-meter terrain table in the Miniversum, where many of Hungary's most famous landmarks are multiplied by a factor of two. More details and tickets here.

Hъsvét in the Skanzen (Szentendre)

April 16-17 the a Easter traditions at the Skansen in Szentendre. If you leave Budapest, Szentendre may be one of the best choices. In addition to presenting the Christian Easter culture, it is also possible to count on Easter games, as well as tales and pupils' concerts. More details here.

Violet Day at Grassalkovicz Castle in Gödöllő

Every year at Easter the Gödöllő Castle is held Violet Day, where special adventures await the children. In addition to violet harvesting, there will be traditional, colorful Easter programs. If you do not want to travel far from the capital city but are looking for something special, you may want to visit Gödöllö on April 16-17. More details here.If you know of any super capital Easter event, let us know!You can see the 2017 national events here.They may also be interested in:
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